Saturday, July 30, 2005

I kena whacked with a shoe...

correction!: i whacked stars 2 times, but i was aiming the other baton for Vanna, so vanna, u got whacked with stars also! hehehe...sorry, i blur....

thanks for telling me, abt the error, Jaywalk.


hiya! I shall take this short time to plonk the entry on my shoe history.

I got whacked by Jaywalk, Jellygirl and Ed, Edd and Eddy, so I shall bow to their wishes and tell the whole world where i got all my corns from....

total no. of shoes:

i fail maths! can't count! lah, i too lazy to go open the shoe cabinet....but i think at least 6 pairs lah, not a lot becos my mum screams at me to pls tidy up my shoes, but i never do, so i dun buy more to aggravate her.

Last shoe I bought:

er....i think it's the yellow strappy one below from tracce....bloody hell, buy already, then all the oter colous start coming out! arrgghhh....could have gotten a nice pink one!....

how many shoes beneath my workdesk?

4 pairs! all lab work shoes to avoid spills on my naked toes. it's sad becos we can never take them home to wash, because they are considered biohazard i buy and buy and buy for the lab....once in, cannot go out into the world liao. waste money...

my shoes!!! Posted by Picasa

the above are a few of my fav shoes....i love Carlo Rino, and i bought the gold and silver mules from this brand. I used to wear only WHITE shoes and sandals because I got super tanned (but thick) legs, but now I diversify so i can wear more white clothings, hahaha....

the white mules are also from Carlo Rino. My papillio Birkenstock (english garden-cream) is a birthday gift from my frens...they very nice...super-expensive siah.

Okie dokie!

here's the shoe baton to the following pple!

Wisps of stars

ay....i know i send to quite a few pple hor...but who cares! the more the merrier!Pls dun do if dun want ah! it's ok one! :)



Thursday, July 28, 2005

Sorry sorry...

Hi all!

I’m into the last phases of my report-writing. Soon, I’ll be handing up this precious last draft over to the school for a month of examination and perusal. Right now, I’m bascically super-scared that something might go wrong at this juncture which will delay the handing in, so I’m, like, burning joss-sticks, praying, wearing lucky green coloured clothes and avoiding swearwords. Hopefully, the Higher Being above knows that I’m making some effort towards being a better person than normal and reward me with a smooth hand-over....

But knowing myself, being better than normal for me probably makes me just a normal person in Singapore.....ahem....ok, maybe still slightly below par....

Back to religion (which i swore not to touch...but this is different), in actual fact, given the scientific nature of my background, I’d go so far as to say that I’m pretty much placed under the category of ‘Buddhist, Free-Thinker-Inclined’ rather than just plain ‘Buddhist’.

If I really want to pick and pick on it like a ruptured pimple, I basically dun have a religion, but perhaps, an education on the tenets of how to live my Life Happy and Contented.....which i tot i found out how, but apparently not, judging by how nevry and anxious I'm acting over a silly report ....

So, beats me now, why I still feel the need to pray to the Goddess of Mercy to pls pls pls! let nothing happen and that my report can be handed up by the deadline without mishaps. (Kuan Yin! It's not a silly report! I dun mean it! i need ur guidance and help!)

Kam siah Kam siah!

*pray pray pray* * meditate meditate…..*

*tonk! tonk! tonk!...* That's the sound of AKK Kneeling and kowtowing*

OTOH, I’m sorry for the sporadic updates, especially to Nadnut, hehehe…. But seriously hor, I cannot make it right now. I eat, sleep, drink, play my report all over my head. I’m hardly fit company for anyone nowadays and my friends have abandoned me for better pursuits like having more saliva....asking me out now is like wasting body fluid, heheeh........

BUT!!! Next week, I’m on leave for 1 whole blissful week! I’ve got a few stuff to write, so u guys just hang around and stay tuned. But for ur sake hor, dun waste too much energy finger-exercising on my blog until 1st Aug.

Things to look out for when I start blogging again!

1..............NDP preview with pics!!! I’ve got the tickets! That’s what happens when ur suitor comes from SAF, hahahahaahah!!!! Weeeee!!!!!

2............Mission impossible....Ab alert! The mission to take a peek at somebody’s 6-pack (and we all know who I’m talking about)! Hahaaha...after reading this, u’ll not wan to read my NDP preview entry I’ll put this entry behind the preview......hahaha

3............My new job, my late hammie’s death anniversary, my cousin’s dengue fever..etc etc etc…

4............And the reason Why I call myself Ang Ku Kueh...Is it possible? AKK is finally revealing herself.....

And more to come. I’m sorry if anyone has been coming here in vain. I’ve not even been online also, so I’m extremely guilty if I made anyone suffer withdrawal symptoms, ahahah...but I dun think so lah. Nonya kuehs are not that addictive... i should know...I mean, I've never suffered cold turkey over myself at all...ahahahah.......

okok...I've to get back and save u some eye-watering nonsensical pourings like this one. 12 hours straight with eyes stuck to PC is NOT healthy....

Wish me luck and c ya all on 1st Aug!!!



PS. sorry i did not visit ur blogs! but it is definite that i'll read every back-dated entry like I've been doing all the while! Love u all! :)

Friday, July 22, 2005

Hi all! No time! Battery going flat!

Hi all!

(The entry below was done on Friday when i was 'eating snake' in my office...)

Just want to tell you guys that I've been so fricking busy that I've not been able to blog, much less read and catch up on you guys. I have since finished my presentation yesterday, so damn happy! then I though i could take a break today to do some reading up. Stupidly, I did not bring the power adapter of my Darling Lappy, so right now, i'm typing as fast as i could (about 10 w/min...ahem) and counting down th power gauge till the whole thing dies on me...

It's now at 31 %...

So shitty! i had my hot steaming mug of EXTRIM coffee beside me and a humungous cupcake from Spinelli's ready for my enjoyment on the last day of the week. I'm suppose to jia zhua today!

Then I check my blog and realised I've not been writing since Sunday! ahhh!!! so I have to deal with churning out a blog entry first! AAAhhhhh!!! the thing is, while i extremely love to nose into other ppl's business, I'm truly lazy when it comes to updating my own blog, but seriously, like a diary, things have to be written down...

My blog is like the Cookie Monster and I'm the supplier for Nabisco....
Cookieee cookiieee!!!!!! Munch munch munch.....

But anyway, I've got lotsa stuff to share today! 1st up, Thank goodness WonkyTonk got her blog back....the last we need right now is a blogicide not by the blogger herself. geez...of all the bitches you can meet in the office, her co-worker takes the bloody greasy cake! If it were me hor (i.e wonkytonk), I'd be planning many back-stabbing opps to get back at her! here's a list

1. find out her favorite foods and synchronise my watch so that whenever she buys her favorite meek-pok, I'll be one step ahead of her and buy all the pok from the mee....then she can watch me as I, goggled-eyed, eat every bit!

I wouldn't mind gaining 10 kg just to watch her watch ME hungrily! hah! Sacrifices Must be made!

2. Of cos, I can also take the last cookie from the jar, last choc from the box and stock up my own larder with her stash of instant mee when gaining those excess weight. So that when her:

---diet is a success and she wants to celebrate with a cookie,

---PMS comes and she needs a choc fix,

---did stock-take thru out the night and needed supper,

She wun noe where to go!

In any case, I'll also add salt to her kopi, put hair gel into her comb, take away the staplets from her staple, remove the toner when she wants to use the printer...

or perhaps when i run out of ideas, I shall cough and sneeze into her face, especially when i have a flu. When I am sick, I shall crawl to the office anyways and hang around her like a pontianak...

I'd do all these! beware!!!!! Do not make the Nonya Confectionery ANGRYYY! GGRRRR.......

power at 20 %......

Shit!!! write faster!!!

Change topic!!! Got story to share! very meaningful!

Once upon a time, a Buddhist monk went to a faraway place to set up a temple. believing in giving his all, he decided he shall lay every single brick of the temple, an ultimate show of his devotion to the teachings.

So everyday, for months and years, he laid the bricks ceaselessly and carefully. He piled the cement properly and made sure the bricks lined up beautifully.

On and on he worked, tireless untill he finished all the 4 walls. Finally, he completed the structure. He walked around and admired the new temple that he had built and he was happy.

Then he rounded a corner to the courtyard and saw!, to his horror! a single brick jutting out of the wall!. he was distraught and upset! he tot the temple was perfect! but it wasn't! and he was shamed...

Damn! 15%..

When the temple was officially opened, the abbot came to visit. The monk was very nervous while he showed the abbot around. The abbot was extremely impressed and praised the monk, but noted that while the temple seemed truely magnificent, the novice monk seemed utterly dejected...

When the abbot and novice turned to the coutyard, the novice took a breath and waited for the abbot's judgement on the last wall of the temple with it innocuosly single brick jutting out.

The novice bowed low and trembled,

'reverend, the brick is crooked, this temple is not beautiful, Im sorry i did not lay it properly.'

to which the reverend replied,

'young one, i see the devotion of your love and am strengthed by it...this is the most beautiful temple i've ever seen.'

Moral of the story?

Moral no 1, the morally correct version:

We always focus so much on the small negative aspects of ourselves that we lose the focus of the beauty of our being. We should not confine ourselves to looking at our tinniest faults and dwell on it, but stand back and admire ourselves for our greater goodness.

Moral no. 2, the politically correct version:

Only enlightened people like the abbot can see the big picture. The rest of humanity doesn't, so too bad.

incidentally, that brick? ruined the whole temple, monky-man, I'm sorry.



6 %........


Sunday, July 17, 2005

Crush Compilation

If you are an early bird to my blog, you would have read about this love-hate thing I have with crushes. I have crushes on any number of people who represented a certain ideal. Head Prefect in primary school days was a particular hit with me. I had a crush ever since puberty on every single guy who became the Head Prefect, no matter how geeky/nerdy/skinny/fat he looked.

I also crushed the Class Joker during secondary school, not just from my class but Jokers from every other class. It definitely had something to do with our school being very communist and therefore very militant. We had a school anthem that sounded very much like all of Chairman Mao’s Communist Propaganda songs. Guys cannot have hair touching the lower half of the neck, that’s OK, but girls cannot have long hair unless they are dancers from the Chinese Dance Troop.

Like, huh? No long hair? Once my swimmer friend trained so hard her hair got bleached brown by the sun. The discipline mistress made her dyed it Black.

Subsequently, in the midst of onset of puberty and teenage angst, we were made into clones of each other. We all looked the same, guys and gals alike. U can only differentiate the 2 sexes apart by the 2 extra bumps on the chest. But then, some girls, however much they wished for it, don’t have breast and some guys, however much they deny it, have them, so gender Identity crisis abound. To avoid embarrassment, relationships took a backseat and studying became the main aim. U could say that our Principal was a man with very far sightedness, becos he surely missed all the looks of hatred from the angsty teenagers he himself created. We are not just co-ed, we are uni-sex......

We represented humanity if humanity didn’t f**k .....

Those were the days teeming with hormones, heart pumping hard beneath my bumps (thank goodness I had them) whenever my crush breezed by......sighz.....

Fast forward ............*whirrrrlllll* Uni-days:

I had a crush on the:

  • Hostelite Dude

    He who always look so sexily unkempt in flip-flops and tousled hair.

    He is always late, looked like he never slept (which is true *snigger*) and always borrowed lecture notes from the girls. Obviously the girls gave him what he asked for and more *snigger*. I was never chosen to be a lecture-note-giver although I took notes aplenty (whenever he was around). I think it’s mostly becos my handwriting look like chicken scratchings but physically, I also obviously did not make the cut. Sadly, looking good and writing pretty are mutually exclusive from me.

  • Dean-Lister

    He who was a perfectionist.

    He didn’t care who was on his team as long as he took charge of the whole project. Good for lazybones like me who just hung on and did whatever he asked….knowing full well he’ll change everything anyway and do the whole thing himself instead. But in the end, everyone would get A+ for the project ......hehehe. A good Dean-Lister to have a crush on is one who is never jealous abt anyone else’s results becos he’s already too high up there for the likes of us small fries to aspire. So he is actually very friendly and will freely give away his notes if u ask for them. He actually manage to take time off to tutor other ppl, although most of them are gals and probably half of them gals just wanted an excuse to breath the air of high IQ surrounding him.

  • Practical Partner

    He who was this useless guy who wouldn’t life a finger to pour H2O into the beaker.

    Can’t help it, close proximity at practical benches have always been high on the Science Faculty List of Lomantic Places to Meet ur Other Half. Basically, science ppl are pretty studious, we don’t chiong much and hardly ever get drunk enuff to commit pre-marital sex, so having a Pract Partner whose not half-bad-looking for the whole semester can raise a girl’s hormones into overdrive come every tues and thurs.

    Practical Partner is strongly affliated to the Hostelite Dude becos he just basically ‘nuah’ around the whole lab. I had to do everything myself. He didn’t have a bone in his body and possessed an interesting way of standing/sitting that could make any lecturer angry. He acts like ice-cream under the hot sun. He’d sit on the bench and just melt away quietly and efficiently while pandemonium rages around him.

    So he’d just go ‘nuahing’ all over his side of the bench while I would be running around like a headless chicken doing his bit of the project. But I forgive him everytime he flash me a smile when I handed him OUR results…I know lor…I so pathetic hor…sighz…

  • PE Teacher-like/Officer

    He who always wore polo tees like he plays tennis everyday.

    It took a while to notice him becos he was never very flashy, he didn’t slump and fall over the chair with a big crash when caught sleeping like the Hostelite Dude, nor gave frequent appearances on the Dean’s List/Awards list/get Highest Grade list, like the Dean-Lister, neither does he sit rotting softly in the laboratory and steal my tutorial answers like the Practical Partner.

    On the other hand, PE-Teacher is built, not like that Olympics Chao Monster, but with the swimmer’s bod which he hides under his polo tees. Once I spotted PE Teacher swimming at the NUS pool. I’m sure that his Breast-stroke, Free-style and Butterfly skills were unmatched, if only I could lift my eyes from his 6-pack to check. He had a GI haircut, the angular face and the square jaw reminiscent of all the guy PE teachers I’ve ever had. He always looked good, never a hair out of place, shirt tucked in. In fact, he only lacks a stopwatch hanging around his neck. Like all PE teachers, he is a leader, which is good for me again during project times. He is also very ‘on’ about sports and field trips, so we’d all be groaning behind him while he treks happily through the jungles of BT hill. He’ll be busy collecting insect specimens while we littered the ground with ourselves and caused a small CO2 pollution where we lay........

    Dean-Lister eventually hooked up with a Brainy Chio, Hostelite Dude remained a Bachelor and couldn’t graduate, Practical Partner tried to chase a female version of the Dean-Lister but laying across her path on the canteen floor was just not her cup of tea. PE Teacher had a short liaison with a PhD student who loved his mature dress sense, but he graduated single and went back to the SAF…

    Recently, A brought me out for dinner wearing his omnipresent polo-tee and we talked about everything under the sun…then we took a walk along Orchard road, feeling like old friends and then not. I lost my lipbalm and my lips were peeling badly, but I felt.... happy....

    He took me home and I raised my face. Following the Way of the AKK, it's obvious that i did it with less finesse and less class and more hastily than those babe-bo Korean Kims and Jungs. I had come to expect a peck on my forehead to end my lovely dates. But tonight, he didn’t just brush a kiss like he did all those times. He gave a hug that cocoons me in warmth and said, ‘Thank u for today.’


    His huge hug left me a little dazed, so I just slumped like Practical Partner/Hostelite Dude on the sofa, reliving that warm fuzzy moment until my HP beeped asking me to check my pockets...........I felt the pockets of my jeans.......

    And out came a new stick of lipbalm........

    Sighzzzz.............PE Teacher Crush is now once again back in full force.........


    AKK :)

PS. What's ur Type of Crush?

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

The Way of the Flutter-Flutter....

I was reading up on Jaywalk's mini-part series abt his tuition episodes...hear: mini-part series hor……and truly, this guy can really churn out stories lor! I was stuck with 4 new entries just becos I didn't visit during the weekend, so I was calmly reading each and everyone of them and commenting until my MSN 'dooot' me.

It was Jaywalk, who said gravely, ‘Someone has been busy checking up my blog....’

‘Oops! Caught in the act!’

‘Yah lor…my email kept pinging me, saying I got comments, got comments, got comments…’

‘Oopps…..hehehe…..paiseh ah! I try to visit more often’

This guy just wrote one everyday for the past 3/4 days! Bloody hell, I can take half a day to write one entry leh, like 3 to 6 hours each?

How does he do it?

Came the guru’s words:

‘Inspirations come all the time, have to catch them and quickly blog it down. Otherwise they fly away....’

‘Fly away?’

‘Yes…flutter flutter.....never to return....’

Wah doused with cold water....I dun want my inspiration to ‘flutter flutter, never to return’ leh....scaredz...

So armed with his immense wisdom, I immediately logged on and starting blogging.

About this conversation.....

....I can safely predict that Jaywalk must be kicking himself now.... but then truly inspiration mah! I’m truly-bluishly inspired to blog this MSN interlude now.... yes right now... so I don’t lose it.

In a Chinese Kung-Fu Show, I would have been falling on my knees in front of him with hands clasped, saying,

‘Shi-Fu! Qing shou wuo zhuo tu-di!’

Which loosely and sparingly translated, meant,

‘O Mighty sensei of Butterfly Dreams and the Way of the Flutter-Flutter, pls accept this stoopid ingrate as your student and she shall be eternally indebted! She is not fit to eat the sand u kick!’


OK serious! Actually, it’s not all about Jaywalk, but mostly it’s abt his topic on tuition. His post reminded me of the time when I myself had a student to my name also.

It was a strange encounter, how we met. Suffice to say, I got cornered in the lift one day when going to school by this Indonesian Aunty. She was round and plump with three chins. So when I said ‘cornered’, I was closer to being ‘squished’, our lift being those new fangled-spangled lifts big on windows to prevent perverts from peeking in and seriously small on space.......

She had her market trolley in 1 hand and an umbrella on the other, and this, I’m not joking, she wielded it and stuck the pointy end seriously close to my toe.

Thus the woman spake: ‘Is u in University now?’

‘Err....yes....’ I quivered....eyeing her reinforced steel point nervously and decided to humour her.

‘Is u teaching tuition?’

‘’ Wrong answer! Her piggy eyes narrowed....

Want to start?’



She then thrust me a scribbled note with her name and HP no., then announced that her daughter was in sec sch, not doing too good and needed help.

All the while, she kept her steel point close to my big toe....

By the time the elevator door opened, I was sufficiently cowed to call her back in the evening with an answer. As a parting shot, she said,

8th floor is a good storey ah? Some more your unit so near lift....

*Twinge of Fear* wah lau....she really knows her victims/neighbours! I’ve never seen her before in my life! Either that, or my forehead is stamped with my addy...

When I returned home that evening, I had run by the whole idea of tuition thru’ my head. It wasn’t a bad idea.... I needed the money because I love to count and hoard them under my pillow. And apparently Mrs J lived in the same block as me, so all I had to do was to either troop to 6th floor or have her daughter come up. So I called and went over.

Then I saw the daughter....

When I said Mrs J was round, it was an overstatement.

I mean, she is round, but with an elongated oval shape-kinda-round, very typical mama-look, very typical-I know-I-cook–very-well-and-I-love-my-own-cooking look.

But her daughter gave the word ‘round’ an instant mathematical definition. She’s 360 degrees, really! All over! I’m not insulting or insinuating anything becos there isn’t anything to insinuate already. Round is round and believe me hor, I got my compass set....

She is also 3 times my size.... so I started to feel claustrophobic again.... and I frankly tell u ah....I’m not thin either....

Another thing! I do know obese ppl, my own aunty is obese, but I never met one so.... tak boleh tahan..... All the while when her mum was proudly showing me her daughter’s past work, I watched with horror as the girl proceeded to scratch her oily hair like it really really ITCHED....

The more I watched her, the more I also started to feel itchy too....

Then she started using both hands....I started touching my own scalp....

Then I saw the flakes on her shoulders....

And before I could avert my eyes from the sight, she popped her pointer finger into her mouth and sucked!!

........Eeeewwwwwwwww.........(another) Chao Monster!!!

She saw that I was looking but she did not even register any embarrassment, she just gave me a greasy smile in return, then returned to scratching her head with her yes! Wet finger, eyes glazed....

*gasps in horror...*

I .....

....... witnessing an event in primate evolution that had gone backwards.....

I would love to say that I rejected the suit/offer, but Mrs J made a ka-ching! price that I could not ignore. In fact, for that price, I was prepared to jump hoops of fire for her and teach 5 clones of her daughters..... her weapon of choice, this time a hot steaming mug of kopi, was also hovering near enough to hasten my decision.

Before I left, Mrs J, like all parents, gushed unflinchingly that her daughter is smart, just lazy. I’ve had serious doubts as to whether her daughter was even human, but I decided to give her the benefit of a doubt. Before we left, I’d already knew the history of the family up to 3 generations back and had perused some of her daughter’s hobbies.

For once, the girl stopped scratching her limp hair and decidedly lighted up. She lumbered out of the room and came back with her drawing block.

Cool! I thought, she draws also!

Then she flipped the pages under Mrs J’s proud eyes.

In pencil and charcoal shading were pictures and pictures of.....

Werewolves, Wolves in packs, teeth-baring Wolves, Wolves lunging at prey and more Wolves.....

Complete with blood and salivating jowls...


My heart skipped a beat before resuming with immense erratic rhythm, my student not only has 'D' for hawker stall grading, she's got issues...

So that was how I knew my student. Perhaps next time, I shall talk abt how stressi*cough*...successfully my tuition went....ahem.......

But right now, inspiration has just fluttered onto my arm and I mistook it for a mosquito.....




Oh yes, can I just say something? My student’s name was Nina. And while I dun blame ppl for naming their children such becos it’s a common enough name, I just want to say that your child might suffer Trauma later in Life if she’s Hokkien to boot.

Trust me. Don’t name your daughter Nina if you are Hokkien.

And if U really want to name ur daughter or your own name is Nina (I cry for u...) and u are Hokkien, I pray that your sir name or future hubby’s sir name is not Gan.



Ps. Obviously, MSN dialogue has been embellished...... This is called covering ur ass before someone sues u for copyright, heheheeh.....

Oh ya, my condolences if ur name is Gan Nina....

Friday, July 08, 2005

I have many policies....

Hi all!

I have many policies that I told myself I should follow strictly when I started my blog. But as time goes by, I’ve become more comfortable with strangers knowing more abt me that I’ve become a bit lax. Not that it did not pay off, becos I ended up getting a new bunch of frens, whom I think are fun and great to know better. But of cos, getting to know them better might make them end up as my frens.....and in real life, my frens dun know I blog becos I just might write abt them one day. Hmm.....I’m in a fix, I know, becos I’m admitting that I’m putting my friends on the waiting list for potential stories....

Wanna be my fren? Eheheh…. :)

Oh heck, this is not the issue lah. Again I digress. Today’s topic is about policies. My policies. Incidentally, I realised they are subjected to change becos things change. Here’s a quote that is always true which u can always use without going wrong:

The only unchanging thing in Life is Change itself.

my policies:

I have a no-photo policy.
I dun post pics, perhaps next time when I eventually lost my virginity and want to clelebrate my release from eternal maiden bondage (yes…I can imagine some guys are thinking koyak already), I might do a SPG, I’ll never know, actually. Or maybe I shall be so disgusted with the whole business of my virginity that I’ll do it anyway, or maybe I finally, through surgical means, arrive at my ideal drop-dead-gorgeous body (ala Jessica Alba), then I’ll also do a bikini shoot….who knows, eh?

But of cos, right now, I’m still too comfortable in my anonymity and too inferior abt my body to try such a stunt...but then there’s always tomorrow….

I have a no-politics policy.

I refuse to talk abt it or whine abt it. Even here in Happy Blogland there are cases of ppl playing poker and holding aces, flashing them out time to time to tell the common man, ‘hey, you’re a fry, I’m not. I’m right up here’. Some use viewership to perpetuate certain comments and opinions that creates ripples of contention and a few blogicides along the way. Yes, the best players whine their way out for reader sympathy while their victims crash and burn. I find it all inane, almost amusing and really immature. Name-dropping of celebrities, on or off blog, is especially bleah for me.

In my way, I show my dissention by putting links that I only care about and read about. I use to read mr brown, but he became too much of a celebrity now, it’s just…not the same. I use to put his link up and always wondered if I should also link to all the popular ones so that in one fine day, they might notice that I honour their presence and put in my URL in their entry one day. But I decided not to, becos I really dun read their blogs and no matter how good they write, there are always better writers who are underexposed. I feel like I should support them instead.

I have subsequently removed mr brown from my links and instead, in his place, put up blogspots which I always visit and who visits me. There is such a thing call loyalty and I’m happy to know it exists even online. For me, my blog links have become personal, a serial drama is unfolding on an everyday basis, I relate, I empathise, I hope and I feel for the ppl I read abt becos similarly, I am happy that I have some readers who’s been reading me all the way and can relate to past events that directly connects to a present entry. For all who are new, I welcome u to my blog and funnily enough, all who read me, wrote beautiful entries also. I think this is priceless. Hehehe......

I have a no-current affairs policy.

I dun want to talk about the world as it is today. I try not to whine abt bus hikes unless it directly relates to me being stuck at the front door without enough money in my EZ-link and quarrelling with the driver. I try not to talk abt property prices and how getting a condo now is really reachable unless it relates to me getting married soon and having to get a house of my own. I try not to....ok, u get the pic.

Terrorism and religion, are the 2 most taboo discussions anyone can have right now. Everyone have their opinions and usually, ppl with opinions nevertheless think they are right and have ways to justify why they are right. How can anyone argue with anybody else? There’s just no way becos everyone tries to hold their position with the truth as they see it, it’s like battle drome all over again: 2 opponents stand on 2 high columns and see who whack the other off the pole with a big sponge bat. Whack whack whack....

We all need to listen to each other but we never do. I myself am very opinionated, which is why I try not to discuss certain issues or I’ll just go all over the place just insulting everyone and possibly get flamed, then I’ll commit my own blogicide....

But for this once, I’m going to break the rule a little. I just want to say, in light of all the current tragedy that has happened in London, is this:

God is not an excuse to commit murder. Doing it ‘For’ God is instigating your own Omnipotent Being as the Conspirator. That is Slander. And whoever like a tale-tatter? Not God lor. You’re going to Hell.

There, I’ve said it, flame me now.


One light-hearted moment today: A smsed to say, in his typical reticent manner: hi. how r u? dinner? miss u...


Incidentally, have u ever tried to sms somebody only to send ur hardwork, blood and sweat to a house phone instead? Of cos u have! Do u know that you can sms to home phones actually?

Oh, I can hear you thinking: how to read the msg ah?

Here’s the answer, it’s not read, it’s read OUT to you. Imagine the words spoken with the exact same voice like your hp voice messages, eg. ‘you have reached mailbox number…9…7….6…x….x…x….x….x’. Not the one that says ‘you’ve reached...’ but the one that recites the numbers....that mechanical, monotonous woman’s voice, yes...

Anyways, my fren smsed and send it to my house phone and I happened to pick it up...

I was utterly mystified, becos it sounded like a super-cultured, no-accent androgenic woman's voice talking gibberish.

She said, very clearly,

'nee-ha-ooo, free on tiu-sss for cheap food...' and something else that I couldn't catch.

I tried to talk to the voice but it was clearly automated.... only then did my own HP beeped and I got the original msg from my fren--- ‘ni haooo!!!! Free on tues for cheep food? :) '---The system is in such a way that the woman literally said ‘tues’ instead of Tuesday. I also got a slightly raised volume to account for the ‘!!!!’. The chinese greeting ‘ni hao’ became ‘nee ha-ooooo’

........Incredible.......I was wondering what would she sound like if I send the following sms back to my fren’s house phone?

‘Grt! Let’s go for hokkien Froggy Chok in cheenatwn! U pay! Yippeeeeee!!!! Got outing! Cya tues at BV bs!’

Incidentally Chok is porridge, ‘cheenatwn’ is Chinatown. BV bs is Buona Vista bus stop, but I would absolutely love to hear that icy cool dead voice drone out ‘hokkien froggy chok’, pronounce the word ‘grt’ and ‘twn’ after ‘cheenatwn’, swear culturedly using ‘bs’ and recite ‘yippeeeeee’ and drag the eeeees…..

But I didn’t...becos I was too busy forwarding the original sms back to my own house phone...i needed to check something... the last of the sms I couldn't catch and I want to find out what it was...

I couldn’t move for a few minutes after laughing stitches after the voice intoned the same msg in her wierd manner and I caught the end of it:

‘ ...blah blah blah.....Sender is laughing at you....’

That was for the smiley face....




Monday, July 04, 2005

Utterly relevant to the previous entry

Hi all

Just tot I'd like to share... this entry is with ref to the previous MIU entry...

My good fren wrote Wally and me an email that said,

'.....was just telling AKK that day that now i prefer reading her blog and ur blog - xx's blog is lower down on the list now haha. but - with a copy to AKK - man ur entries are still too long!!! like the latest one on MIU - i scrolled down for 2 secs then gave up. so wally, yep, not-too-long and sweet is the way to go :) ......'

eheheheeh.....I have great friends....:)

Thanks ah, i shall edit...


short enuff?!