Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Tomorrow is a Big day for me...

Hi all!

I surmise from the title above that some ppl would be thinking exactly the things I want them to think. Which, if you haven't now, you'll be thinking furiously and hence end up thinking what I wanted you to think...either way works.....

No lah, only 'big', not humungous or gigantic...heheheh....if one day, i say GARANTUAN, it's probably time to bring out the champange and toast the rendering of my piece of tattered flesh to me...

For those who are still scratching their heads, then i applaud your mental innocence and hope that you'll find out about it in the best kind of way possible-experimentally and of own free will.:)

But as usual, I digress! Tomorrow's a big day for me because of work! Yes, work, my only other Life right now apart from...well...Life. It's now so huge, it's like a moon eclipse. we are running an event tomorrow that will make or break my supposed career, so the pressure's on to perform. (yes, although i did possibly mention my dream career is to be a nympho, i won't be performing any subtle cloth-ripping moves...sadly...)

So if you guys happen to suddenly go 'ting!' and a light bulb appear over your heads and you screamed, 'oh my GOD, so SHE's AKK!!!'. Please do so quietly hor. Thank you for reading my blog, but pls don't tell my colleagues, my friends, family, A etc etc...In fact, please come approach me and tell me and shake me by the hand. Tell me the secret password loudly and proudly

--what big red ang ku kuehs you've got there!--

.....and give me your name and address. :)

Bear in mind that my slapping you across the face is the second part of the password. Do not walk away from this point! Remain standing stock-still with big grin and stare at me till Security comes, that's the 3rd part! I shall meet you privately at the holding area later....

Leave your windows open tonite too....:)

I'm currently still stuck in my office, which is amazingly full of things I cannot wait to complain, but must shut up because I'm sure the office server picks up words like 'complain', 'boss', 'mistake', 'kopi?' and 'slack' like the US picks up 'bomb' and 'terrorist'. So it will be a mistake to complain about the boss in the midst of slacking while frens jio me 'kopi?' in word format and of cos, i'm too smart to do it, especially in my blog using the interent in my office.

So I shall say nothing. Except that tomorrow's a big day and if you guys don't hear from me here ever again, know that i love you all and would slap you (pretend only)if you were to shake me by the hand tomorrow and give me your name and address (after giving the password)....

Give me luck and to my dear tih-kong, I know i never seem to remember you when my life is good, but tih-kong, pls ba-you me tomorrow is shun-shun-li-li hor. Tih-kong, please twirl your magic over me so i may suddenly possess the knowledge of my professor times infinity, the voice of an angel and the vocabulary of a lawyer.

Kam Siah Kam Siah to infinity also.

ok liao, i better go do my work. You all take care hor. *hugz*



Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Hi all!

Time is now 8.30pm and I'm still working....Haiz...but at least work is frankly extremely exciting and very unnerving... Damn stressful, must learn a lot. Oh well, hope you guys and gals out there are enjoying yourselves, ok? Miss you all so much, dun even have time for msn or even reading your what i miss most...

see see?! i cannot even think straight liao. Those idiots (not naming who) had better increase my pay!!

a little thought:

why, and I mean it, do mature men like young girls and gals, on the whole, like married men?

Is there something different in young single gals that attract older men?
Is there something fascinating about married men that attracts single young girls?
why am I hearing so many incidences of it occurring?

So a sound-out to your pple to Leave your comments....

that's all, folks, I shall be free-er after the month of august. must continue working now...