Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Busy Busy Busy.........

In the new workplace, a conversation between AKK's supervisor and new BB (Big Boss) in the absence of AKK:

S: She's doing pretty ok. Although I think she is a bit of a retard, if you don't mind me saying.

BB: How's that?

S: She's always glassy-eyed and tends towards drooling. Happens everytime I talked to her.

BB: I know that symptom. I see it in my subordinates all the time. It's all down to brain power, you know? You gotta use the power. AKK seems to be always on 'standby'. Perhaps we can make her jot her brain a bit.

S: Like how?

BB: More Work lah. What else? Oh yes, we need to monitor her toilet breaks. She runs off to the restroom pretty often. She seems to have a bladder problem.

S: She has great thirst too, judging from all the trips she made to the dispenser.

BB: Well, as good employers, we've got to help her solve her mental and urinary problems. Next time you catch her smuggling down the hallway again, ask her to run over to your lab and help out the technicians.

S: And her bladder?

BB: Tough love. Cut down her trips to the restrooms and time her breaks.

S: Right you are, Sir. BTW, Sir, it's ingenious.

BB: Yes, of cos. Right, your time's up. You can drink up and go back now. That'll be the last trip for today.

S *inspired and runs off*


So dear all, sorry for the lack of update, visits, hollers from MSN etc etc etc. Work beckons and my jobscope just expanded.

Argh.....but I'm loving it!

Out! (of love for you guys)