Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Layer by layer you'll be stripped clean....

Hi all!

man am i glad Jaywalk sent me this! I'm running low on fuel for blogging because i've been busy reading, took up a lot of my time being in another place....so thanks!

Layer ONE- On The Outside
Name: Ang Ku Kueh
Birth Date: 198*
Current Status: Married
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Now dirty brown (dye lah)
Righty or Lefty: Right-wing
Zodiac Sign: Fishy

Layer TWO - On The Inside
Your Heritage: what’s this? Clementi town eating yong tau fu on a sunday morning?
Your Fears: Failing although you tried fricking hard
Your Weaknesses: my libido… Can’t seem to go down. Have to be barred from erotica novels and anime for my own good but isn’t.
Your Perfect Pizza: beef, mushrooms, tomato paste, and topped with mozzarella cheese and jalapenos

Layer THREE - Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your thoughts first waking up: AArrgghh!!!! Prince Charming was just about to snog me!!! Come back! Come back!!!
Your Bedtime: Anytime I feel like it.
Your most missed memory: waking up at ungodly 6.30 am in Granny’s home and smelling Great Gran’s (GG) infamous aroma of black-kopi-from-proper-local-kopi-hoon-brew-in-sock. Yup, I drank kopi very very early in life….kindergarten years….and I drank from the best source too.

Layer FOUR - Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: None. Makes me burp bubbles. But if I must, coke.
McDonald’s or Burger King: Definitely Burger King lah!
Adidas or Nike: Nike because I want to pretend I’m a sports-person
Lipton tea or Nestea: Lipton Tea
Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate.
Cappuccino or coffee: Kopi-Si Siu Dai. Or late GG’s Kopi-O-that one no fight. Wish she was still around….

Layer FIVE -Do You
Smoke: Never ever wanted to. Saw Uncle die of lung cancer….terrible. Doctor cut out the lung to show auntie the cancer….
Curse: progressive. From normal eggs to smell eggs and graduating to fuck and now got CCB liao… If you don’t know CCB, I hope you remain clueless and will not meet anyone that deserves the label.

Layer SIX - In The Past Month
Drank alcohol: Lotsa beer and vodka mixes in the office. Lotsa wine at parties…
Gone to the mall: Just during the weekend for post x’mas sale. :)
Been on stage: No. Got stage fright.
Eaten sushi: Nope, too healthy for my taste.
Dyed your hair: all the time!

Layer SEVEN - Have You Ever?
Played a stripping game: I wanted to!!! Anyone up for it? I suck at Poker!!!
Changed who you were to fit in: Who never?

Age you’re hoping to be married: right on schedule!!!
Layer NINE - In A Girl/Guy
Best eye colour: Anything. Good to hug can liao.
Best hair colour: Anything. Good to hug can liao.
Short or long hair: Anything. Good to hug can liao.

Layer TEN - What Were You Doing
1 minute ago: pretending to work while doing this meme.
1 hour ago: small-talk with satisfied client…O.O
4.5 hours ago: reading a storybook at my cubicle. (came early lah! Office hour haven’t start yet!)
1 month ago: Busy working. Dec was a killer month with high pickings. :)
1 year ago: Teaching and having a cushy life in Uni.

Layer ELEVEN - Finish The Sentence
I love: to have an easy life, one where money is no longer a concern and I could buy any books I feel like without cringing and spent the days reading and reading and dissociating. Better yet, be a librarian or live right beside a library so I'll never run out of things to read. hmmm....and A, of cos....ahem....
I feel: happy enough right now to daydream about what I’d love to do but know that I’ll have to shelve it for later. Next time, next time. One day, I shall own Terry Prachett’s Unseen University cut-out book, you’ll see.

I hate: people who disrespect me and my expertise in my work just because they think they are PHDs, Post-Grads, Scholars and therefore automatically think they know more than I do.
I hide: my sex-addict thoughts most of the time from most friends. Oh…so now you know....
I miss: GG….and her Kopi-O. My late hamster. That silly pussy cat at the void deck. And A, of cos.....6 more hrs to seeing him...
I need: nothing. I am happy. I think.
I mean, I'm breathing and the air is clean and I've got enough to eat and a place to sleep.

Layer TWELVE - Tag 5 People
Anyone who will benefit from this exercise and who reads me. :)

That's all!


akk :)