Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Science of Happiness....Cut!

Hi all!

I've been having a little memory trip just now, randomly picking out some of my older entries and reading them. And yes lah, I do read myself, constantly in fact. Because I keep forgetting all these things that have happened to me.

Which is why I've always said that I love to write only the good stuff. I don't write when I'm depressed and I seldom write depressing things. Although, if you had taken the time to go back my entries, you will realise, as I did, that I was definitely a bigger joker then than now.

I 2 pencils under my butt? the falling off the treadmill? the falling during the jog? the saving of the snails? I was laughing myself silly reading my own posts, because it is so much more funny a few years down the road when the embarassment wears off.

So recently, I went through the blog again, but mostly to delete the very last entry from this blog saying something it shouldn't have.

I have written more, but I no longer post them.....because well, the title of this entry is the Science of Happiness afterall...

So is this blog....

So hey guys, thanks for reading me.

Thanks for the patience.

Thanks for all the good times that I put in here, because I put them here to share with you, and in the end, I realised I also am sharing this moment with another younger, happier, funnier Ang Ku Kueh from way back.

I am glad to have known her, so Thank You for letting me do so!


Older (but no wiser) AKK:)