Friday, February 23, 2007

Sleeping habits, Vol 1

Hi all!

if you have been catching up with the blog and especially the latest voice entry (which was eons ago), then you'll know that I have been staying with A for quite a while already. To someone who's never once had a man in the same bed before (never for want of trying), the first few starts were very daunting. I mean, it's pretty hard trying to keep my hands to myself and not let them stray all over the place....

In any case, this entry has been ruthlessly censored because it's confirmed that Chuikueh (bro) will turn green if I continue from those dots. So rather than all those R(A) moments and making him waste his school pocket money, why not go into the X-files-moments that occurred since the bed started getting bigger and yet smaller at the same time?

There's more than a few already, so it'll be made into a series. :)

Conversation between A and AKK on a weekend morning in front the TV:

A: Hey dear, did you have a good rest?

AKK: Yah, why? Did I kick you again?

A: No lah, not kick. You have no recollection?

AKK: No leh. God, what did I do this time?

A: At first you were asleep, then your eyes suddenly open and you pointed at the ceiling and you shouted ,'Chinese!!!'

AKK: huh?!

A: Really! You pointed at the ceiling lamp and shouted 'Chinese!!'. Then for a while, I kena those 'sadako' moments, cos you look so awake. So I stared at the ceiling too and asked you, 'Where?'

AKK*scared*: then then?!! what I say?

A: you shouted, 'On the Streets!!!'

AKK: huh?!

A: Then you immediately went back to sleep.

AKK: Really?!

A: Really! After that, I kept nudging you 'which street, which street', but you dead to the world liao....


Haiyah.....I forsee many more such moments with a light sleeper like A....



how's that for a short entry?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy New Year and an Update!!!


To everyone out there, xin nian kuai le, wan shi ru yi!!!! Sorli siah that the new year should bring out all the guilt in me about the MIA-ness of my entries. But the thing is….

I was truly so fricking busy!!! And I was doing actual factual work!! *gasp!!!** you know, the thingy that people need to go through to get money at the end of every month….legally?

So the new year has been a deserved big break, so flouting and commiting all top 10 abuses in the workplace, I am now, here, writing a new entry for the new year to all of you. At the risk of job, career and big boss’ radar.

How has my Jan month been? I’d like to say it was hunky dory, cos I had my first work trip overseas, to the US, no less! But seriously hor, if you really see beyond that smiley face and look deep into me soulful eyes, you may suspect a twinge of deep-seated resentment waiting to ram out the mask. Would I be disloyal if I said I didn’t much like it, to break the trust the company gave to send me all the way on SIA to a touristy city within 6 months of the job?

Perhaps. But I truly truly hated it!!!! Argghh!!!! Minus all those 3 times when I sneaked out of the fricking 12 hour-5-day-iron-shackled-conference, I disliked every second of it!!!

Yuck yuck yuck!!! Meeting all those snooty high-powered academics!!!! Yuck yuck!! Listening to their lacklustre speeches that makes even my Chinese teacher’s mumbling the stuff of a Toastmaster’s praise. Yuck yuck!!! Trying to read the fine prints of their powerpoints. Argghh!! Having to say ‘Hi, how are you?’ with the megawatt smile turned on high and eliciting zilch response in return, that was the worse!!! Argghh!!

Snooty, snobby bunch of intellectual idiots….

And then I came back to face a huge mountain of work, all sussed up and upset that there wasn’t much to learn from it all and that I had wasted my 5 days trying to do so when I could have disappeared from it all and toured the city flat…..double aarrgghhh arghhh argghhhh……

And then there were the clients who had missed me much during my leave and came with piles of work for me to sort out. Urgent urgent!!! Everything must be done by today so I can collect by tomorrow….and they never did. Then came the monthly takings and production data to calculate, organise and file up. Then came, hot on its heels, the bi-annual meeting with the director, who talks money all the time…..

Money money money, you’d think that he was paying us loads to keep from having to come every month for a check-up. I mean, the whole bloody place was running as efficiently as if he comes in every single day. But noooo…..he pays us peanuts, and it’s normal peanuts, not the Durai peanuts, mind you.

Which is why I’m so frustrated. Because my own department is new, I’m the only one holding the whole fort. Heck, I have to close shop just to take leave. So it hurts when they always tell you ‘we cannot offer you more, this very high liao.’ And then they turn around and offer the exact same amount to someone with a half the jobscope, zero experience and 1 notch down the academic ladder just because that someone has been working since she left school and has had the good sense not to believe these conniving bosses and the HR about not be able to offer more. Hey! I study so much for what?

Arghhh!!! In anycase, talks on promoting me are on the way, but hell lah, I know I’m a good worker, but I dun care about the promotion, that won’t make my eyes light up. I care more how much you can raise my stinking pay.

It’d better be high!!! Idiots…..

My dad once told me that no one is indispensable. Last time, I would agree when I first started on this job. Now? There’s only me that knows how to work the machine, indispensable? I’d like to see the department try to accept clients when their main core is not around.

Another fren says, ‘no job is indispensable.’ Yup….I think so too.

You know why? Cos I ain’t afraid of change.

It’s time to fight for my rights…..