Friday, February 23, 2007

Sleeping habits, Vol 1

Hi all!

if you have been catching up with the blog and especially the latest voice entry (which was eons ago), then you'll know that I have been staying with A for quite a while already. To someone who's never once had a man in the same bed before (never for want of trying), the first few starts were very daunting. I mean, it's pretty hard trying to keep my hands to myself and not let them stray all over the place....

In any case, this entry has been ruthlessly censored because it's confirmed that Chuikueh (bro) will turn green if I continue from those dots. So rather than all those R(A) moments and making him waste his school pocket money, why not go into the X-files-moments that occurred since the bed started getting bigger and yet smaller at the same time?

There's more than a few already, so it'll be made into a series. :)

Conversation between A and AKK on a weekend morning in front the TV:

A: Hey dear, did you have a good rest?

AKK: Yah, why? Did I kick you again?

A: No lah, not kick. You have no recollection?

AKK: No leh. God, what did I do this time?

A: At first you were asleep, then your eyes suddenly open and you pointed at the ceiling and you shouted ,'Chinese!!!'

AKK: huh?!

A: Really! You pointed at the ceiling lamp and shouted 'Chinese!!'. Then for a while, I kena those 'sadako' moments, cos you look so awake. So I stared at the ceiling too and asked you, 'Where?'

AKK*scared*: then then?!! what I say?

A: you shouted, 'On the Streets!!!'

AKK: huh?!

A: Then you immediately went back to sleep.

AKK: Really?!

A: Really! After that, I kept nudging you 'which street, which street', but you dead to the world liao....


Haiyah.....I forsee many more such moments with a light sleeper like A....



how's that for a short entry?


Sibeh Sian said...

The bad news: This kind of thing happens in the first 1/4 of those horror movies!

The good news: You might sprout 4 lucky digits one day :D

Happy New Year, AKK ;)

winter said...

that is so funny. and i can tell u for sure that u are not the only one who's doing this to their partners. hehe

anyway, have a happy new year

JayWalk said...

Ruthlessly censored??!!


Ensui said...

I think you should videotape yourself when you're sleeping. Then you'll be able to see all the strange things you do in your sleep. :p

Of course, if you happen to videotape more *cough* interesting *cough* stuff, then all the better. :D

ah fatt's fan said...

Tonight, try screaming, "Angmohs!!! On the bed!!!!"

Ang Ku Kueh said...


did I tell you i dreamt of 4 numbers? i sprayed a huge wad of cash on it...din work...haiz...


hey hey, long time no see! happy new year to you too!




i should like that too, it'd be funny to watch, even the *cough* bits...since I'm sleeping thru it all.

Ah Fatt's fan:

where where?!!! I WANT!!!

joline said...

wahahaha! that's some scary experience for your husband. *lol* I've never had anything as dramatic as that but i used to sleep with one leg in the air while lying on my stomach. Another time i woke myself up when i swung my arm out violently to clobber the annoying guy in my dream. teehee.

Ang Ku Kueh said...


hahahha...that sounds violent! does it mean u have nice legs since u lifted them all night?

joline said...

*looks at legs*

sigh, don't think it worked. :-S