Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tagged and tardy...:)

AAAHHH!!! Super Busy!!!! Tagged by Zhebin, thank you for your faith in me that I’ll come round to doing it. I guess it’s also a wake-up call to do something about the blog. Very sorry, what with all the work and the festivities!!! Afterall, now got a new family to visit liao….

In any case, here’s the stuuff!!!

4 jobs you've had in your life

- Art/Craft salesperson
- Art/Craft cashier
- Tutor
- Research Engineer….sounds so gung-ho hor, but I swear hor, it’s just mass downloading and reading fricking boring can-die journals on biocomputing…pui pui pui!!!

4 movies you could watch over and over

- First Wives Club
- Spirited Away

- The Incredibles
- Spongebob Squarepants-The Movie

4 TV shows you love(d) to watch

- CSI Miami
- House

- Numbers
Ahem…the sign of good life and SCV!!!

4 places you've lived in

- Clementi
- Boon Lay
- Jalan Boon Lay
- PGP Hostel…yea…I had a wild life…yea…Vodka sleepovers…yea….bunch of females in pyjamas…yea…and not a single MAN in sight!!! Arrgghh!!!

4 places you've been on vacation to

- KL
- Beijing to see the Forbidden City…one word…..WAAAHHHH….


- Gold Coast, Australia
- Honk Kong to stock up on manga

4 places you would rather be

- visiting museuems in different countries and buying antiques…haiz…
- visit any Biosphere as a guest or student, not tourist.

One day! I shall get there!!!

- Turkey before it gets much more dangerous
- Egypt for the pyramids….and not as a tourist, but invited to join an excavation…woohoo!!!

4 of your favourite foods

- Laksa, I drink the gravy, it’s the best part.


- Crabs, lobsters, but I too poor to have them….
- Chocolate cake with any type of liquor in it….lots of liquor.
- Dim sum, again too poor to have it often.

4 websites you visit daily

- My university homepage
- (ya! Surprise! Me too! I don’t even visit my own site daily….)

4 tagged

- Li-er
- Nadnut
- Jaschocolate
- Wally

That's it, guys! Thanks for the tag, Zhebin, and sorry all for the lack of busy my legs are quite neng from walking and standing whole day...*groan*



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Acey Deucey said...

Ah, I love the Miyazaki animations too. My personal favourite is Porco Rosso, but Spirited Away is also near the top of my favourites list.

Ensui said...

heyo. been reading your blog for some time liaoz, just never got around to commenting. hope you dun mind if i link my blog to yours. :)

i wanna go egypt to see the pyramids too, as part of my dream to see the Seven Wonders. >.< The Grand Canyon, Taj Mahal and 12 Apostiles have been striked off the list and four more await. *grins*

stars_of_rain said...

Honk Kong? I love to shop in Hong Kong! Wooohoooo!

You sound so rushed in this post, so much so I read hurriedly, like I'm in a rush too. Hahaha

Jaschocolate said...

you tag me, u will regret.. i tend to postpone it to 6 mths later.. haha

Zhe Bin said...

Hahaha haiyo eh.. When you free then you do lor nvm one. = D And you ROM-ed you never say wor. LoL.

" (ya! Surprise! Me too! I don’t even visit my own site daily….)" --> Don't make me blush. Hahaha.

Happy CNY to you too ah. ; )

stoned.nerd said...

i love House as well.

nadnut said...

alamak! kena tagged.... grrr

Ang Ku Kueh said...


porco rosso? isn't that the one with the pig? i've not watched that, hehhe...but I've watched most of his work. i believe his best is Princess Mononoke, but Spirited Away is more light-hearted for me.:)


wah! I can see that U have conquered 1 natural wonder already. u'll have to see the pyramids soon before even the last wonder also gone. hehehe...I would have loved LOVED to see the hanging Gardens of babylon if it was still around...haiz...OTOH, is there another 7 wonder list i dunno about? I din know about Taj mahal...if this is there, is the great wall another of the 7??


hahaha...oh geez! sorry!!!:)


sibeh sorry lah...i anyhow throw my dart on to the laptop screen and the needle hit your name mah...


wah lau! u heard from Jay's blog issit? hehehe...i think no 1 would believe siah, so never wrote about it, decide to wait till cat out of bag liao, all becos of 1 unlawful pedestrian...

ps..blush ah? pic pic!!!:)


hey hey...nice of you to drop in. pls try Numbers when they come back with a new season. OTOH, i think scv is re-running it currently. This lecturer/PI uses Math to solve crimes ala CSI-style, pretty good show.:)


oops! wah lau... sorry sorry lah, dart hit dartboard mah!

Acey Deucey said...

Yeah, the one with the pig-headed pilot.

I've not watched Princess Mononoke before, even though I've heard a lot about it. Hopefully, I will get the chance to watch it soon.

Ensui said...

there are heaps of lists of the Seven Wonders, like the modern 7 Wonders, ancient 7 Wonders etc etc. so i dun think we can ever officially declare a 'true' list of the Seven Wonders. yar, i think the Great Wall is considered as one. its the only man-made structure that can be seen from space (i think >.<), so i think it qualifies as one. :p

as for me, as long as i manage to put together 7 of any Wonders (ancient, natural or otherwise >.<), i'm happy liaoz. its a life ambition, so 'standard' cannot be too high. :D

Winter said...


congrats again & again :)

hope to hear more news about it through u

wally said...

i'm touched you tagged me...
i'll work on it soon...

Jaschocolate said...

sorry dear.. finally done it liao..