Tuesday, February 14, 2006

V-day Surprise!!!

hi all!

Excruciatingly busy, hahaha, i cannot even begin to describe. Mostly when i finally end the work day, I just wanna go home and crash on the bed.

So here's an excerpt of a MSN chat with Fren Z on this happy Valentine's Day. While I'll be too fricking busy to allow this commercialisation to eke out my hard-earned money, I'm not adversed to the rest of the world hugging and kissing, hehehe...


msn virgin (not really liao) says:
guess wat

Z says:

msn virgin (not really liao) says:
this delivery man came to me with a big bouquet of flowers

Z says:

msn virgin (not really liao) says:
then ask me, 'are u xxx xxx xxx?'

msn virgin (not really liao) says:
i say, 'who?'

he say 'xxx xxx xxx'

Z says:

msn virgin (not really liao) says:
then I say 'Sorli, wrong person'

Z says:
aiyah... wasted.

wrong lumber

msn virgin (not really liao) says:
yah lor, deliveryman got lost, poor thing

Z says:

msn virgin (not really liao) says:
So I found out the addresses for him

Z says:


Muahahha....story of my life....excruciatingly short post also! that's it! Love ya all, my fellow valentines!!

AKK :)


Chronicles of Z said...

Good deed begets good karma.

Don't worry. Later tonight sure got good thing happen to you one. No scared!

Jayaxe said...

If the sender has known this, he'd have blown his top because the ultra expensive petals could have been delivered wrongly!

Jaschocolate said...

Never mind if ur honey never send u any.. save up the money for baby powder and diapers mah.. :p

Li-er said...

Nothing from A at all? Serious?? =P

Ensui said...

i'm sure A will do something suitably lovey-dovey for you. :)

OLLie said...

Wah, if I were you, I would be so devastated. Happy belated V Day though~

nadnut said...

i rather get a good steak meal than flowers. hahahaa.

woman, makan fest soon!

Ang Ku Kueh said...

Dear all,

V-day we din celebrate cos he had to work, hehehe...

Kam siah for the encouragement and well-wishes. I did get a present! it's 1 day late and it's a pair of aquamarine earrings, hahahah....

no flowers for me lah, I not a flower person.

But then hor, if he bought me a pot of orchids, I'd be more ecstatic than getting the earrings, heheheh, cos it's harder to get orchids than earrings and I like potted plants more than sparkly stuff. But i ain't complaining, he had to sneak out at lunch to get them.:)

Chaichakri said...

Happy Valentine's Day AKK..... Hey, not only straight couples celebrate Valentine's Day lar, evenb gay guys do... hee hee

Zhe Bin said...

LOL. Tell you a secret. My friends can bring in roses for like, 65cents a stalk lor. And they sold them to jealous girls and their bfs for $10 a stalk! Siao one! Some of them still say cheap lor.

I like you. You are a realist. = D I think the best plant to get you will be those that can be cooked and serve on the table as dishes, right? Hahaha.

ivanny said...

hmmm... happy vday!!!

Ang Ku Kueh said...


wah lau, i know that lah. everyone in love celebrates V-day. I just think everyday should be a V-day. Why go with the flow and join in the commercialisation? :)


hey hey?!! you like me? you LIKE me? or you ARE like me? yeahhhh!!! zhebin Likes me!!!! V-day is complete, hahahah.


why the 'hmm'? happy v-day to you too! hahah..:)

serendipity said...

i would have said THANKS and take the flowers.