Thursday, April 13, 2006

Buzzing like a Bee!!!!

Hi all!

Wah lau! Kachuaz comments really killed me siah, sorry sorry, I have been MIA for so fricking long that Ollie has had a dream about me blogging an entry, sheesh. Just to say that I’m in the midst of a transition, hence there are a million and one things I had to do and by the time I manage to hit Sunday in 1 piece, I’m too tired to on the fricking lappy (oh no! I wasn’t scolding you, Lappy, although you’ve been giving me a bit of a trouble as well…ahem..) and type as much as I’ve typed all those fricking days in the office.

Just a very short note to tell you all that

1) I am not involved in the 4 car pile-up along the CTE,

2) neither was I part of the 10-strong so-called ‘cynical’ youth generation sent to interrogate our darling MM LKY (who pretty much grilled them on the barbie in his fuss-free and chockfull-of-needles fashion that I love so much). Sorry, ppl, I’m pretty much a PAP supporter and I like LKY, I cannot see why there should be cynism among the young. Pls go look at our ne1hgbours and their corrupted gov’t, then come back and tell me my PAP hasn’t done a fricking good job putting us on the world map, ok?

3)I was also not involved with the collapse of the KL-causeway plans and

4) although I watched Miss Singapore Universe, managed to survive it, albeit with a heaving and cramped up tummy. (Da nai ma!!! Da Nai Ma!!!! Wahahhaha...!!!) If I may quote one of the contestants on whether local men or foreign men are more attractive----- 'I prefer local men. I've had many ex-boyfriends and they were all local. Some are plump and some didn't have the height and some didn't have very well-defined bodies.....but I LOVE THEM ALLL!!!'

In short, I am fine and healthy and kicking. I have not been utterly idle though (like chwee kueh), because as of now, Story of D, vol 2 is in the making.

JayWalk can vouch big time that I am so busy, I can’t even be found on MSN, geez!!!! I’m not idling and I’m not dead!

I also have not visited my very own blog until today, haiz, almost got heart attack when the page refuses to load…..Lappy, you’ve GOT to buck up!!!

Sorry to all whom I’ve not been catching up, haiz….

All for now.




nadnut said...

awwww. come back soon sweetie! miss u!

lets do dinner soon!

Ensui said...

just remember not to overwork yourself, yarh? :)

in point 4, when you were talking abt Miss Singapore Universe, i thought you were gonna say that "you were also not involved in that contest". :p

lancerlord said...

I must say the 'cynical' youths were very very brave to shoot those questions at MM.

Jay "Zhun Bor?" Walk said...

Had *cough* many *cough cough* ex-bfs?

OLLie said...

hahaha.. paiseh about the dream. I didnt mean to dream about you de. But somehow, you MIA too long le, that I have to dream up of an entry for you so that I can read in my dream. haha..

Derrick said...

OH MY GOD! Speaking of MSU, I didn't know my ex-classmate was in!

Zhe Bin said...

You never forget us.. So touched.. *cries* And 加油 in whatever you're doing. = D

Winter said...


so busy till disappear

take care ah


Lynne said...

You finally back! Everybody MIA these days ...

Jaschocolate said...

Haiz.. waiting and waiting for the next one loh... Guess is 1 entry per mth liao if we are lucky :p

Li-er said...

Yoz... it has been a while since I last drop by. Hope everything is going smooth for you yeah? =)

wally said...

wow, its been 1 month!

ah fatt's fan said...

So, you are not involved in the CTE crash. You did not interrogate MM Lee. You did not collapse the Scenic Bridge plan. And you did not took part in Miss Universe Singapore. My guess is correct. You spent the whole of last month in Thailand staging protest urging Mr Thaksin to step down. Busy woman.

averilchan said...

Idol Kueh! Being busy is good... Keeps aging minds alert you know...
MSU 2006 was a PAIN to watch...Seriously...Just like every year... What's new?

Ang Ku Kueh said...

free next week? hee....:)


I try not to overwork. in fact, I hate overtime, but i'm still doing it!!!


hehehe.....actually, if it were possible, I felt that their questions weren't good enough and they are trying to act like aggressive stylo-milo journalists. I dun think they needed to do that.


yes lor, answer was by that second runner-up....pwah, i collaspe and laugh until face turned blue...


kam siah, your dream is my wake-up call. :)


who who?!!!


muahahaha....u all so unforgettable, espcially you! *cries too*


heheheeh...will be back one lah...confirm!


Oiii!!! ni hao mah!!! long time no read lor.i try to update myself....argh...hard...

choccolove: lah, not that bad lah, now is peak period mah.....haiz....


*burst into tears* oh, u also back! goodz!!!


thanks ah....for stating the obvious....

ah fatt's fan:

aiyo!!! SSsssSSSssHHhhhHHHhhh!!!!! secret lah secret!!!!


oh pls, can you pls join the bloody thing just to spoil market and raise their standards?!!! I quite despair liao...