Monday, May 29, 2006

24 weird things about me?

hi all!

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Actually I never think much at all thought about myself so much, nor have 24 weird thing that bears writing on paper. I do in fact, have weirder frens though.

1. I hit 55kg when I was just in pri 4 and only 1m tall, bullies used to play dodgeball using with me to squish smaller and lighter kids.

2. I was a self-serving bitch in primary till sec 2 school who didn’t have any frens. I am the original kiasu/kiam-pah kid featured in i-not-stupid. I believed that jack neo used me as his muse.

3. I use to read Shakespeare for leisure. Yes, I am also a smart-ass then. My all-time-favourite is ‘taming of the shrew’.

4. I use to listen to celtic music….like riverdance…and actually watched Yanni’s concert at the acropolis on TV and cried.

5. I have bigger thigh circumference than my own hubby. As much as I want to believe it is true, he does not have chicken claws for legs…

6. I look like a boy so much that until I was in sec 1, I routinely used the men’s toilet whenever the female ones are too crowded. That occurred until even my dad got uncomfortable that I would spring up behind him and make him lose concentration that he ordered me never to appear in a male toilet hence.

7. when I grew my hair longer and looked a bit more on the right side of the gender race, the HK customs refused to let me pass after seeing the old pic in the passport and asked me why have I got my brother’s passport in my hands. I was so embarrassed and held up that I told him to please note the moles on my face and check they have the same orientation as the passport photo. He scolded me and ordered me to change my pic when I get back.

8. I am really dirty-minded. The first thing upon getting internet was to check on how to get pron undetected.

9. I am really dirty-minded. The first thing upon knowing about an online book company that caters to SG was to check if they have erotica.

10. I am really dirty-minded and like all dirty-minded beings, I’m the last to really know what I’m missing. In fact, although I tried to find pron on the internet, I still didn’t know about how sex was done until I saw the educational video in sec 2.

11. When I found out about it, I screamed.

12. Whenever I cut my nails, I’ll always always forget to cut my right index fingernail until I have put the cutter away and washed my hands.

13. I was a da nai ma puo-ba in JC, that in itself is not a weird thing, it’s the not-knowing-wat-happened-since that is.

14. I had successfully lost weight through 2 different diets last time and am proud of it. One was the milk diet, where u substitute all your liquid intake into low-fat/hi-cal milk and drink around 4-6 glasses of it everyday. Eat normally still, mind you.-2 weeks-->2 kg. but then, it maybe because I’m lactose-intolerant. The other is the water diet, you literally drink at least 2 liters of water everyday, no change to diet, 3 weeks--> 2 kg. but since I’ve never liked milk nor water…I stopped already. But it worked!

15. I am admittedly most enamoured of Terry Prachett and his books. I still have yet to get my ultimate wedding present of all his 28 (and counting) titles in sealed, mint condition. I have read all of his books at least twice, if not 5-6 times.

16. I don’t have 24 weird things about myself.

17. Oh yes, this is one of my most boring entries, but that’s not weird either.

Does anyone wanna contribute to more weird things abt me? Esp from frens? Ahem….

Akk (sick like Zhebin…)

ps Jaschoc, I have the entry for the meme but i don't have the laptop with the doc. so i do this first. paiseh.

‘What good is a god who gives you everything you want?’


‘It’s the hope that important. Big part of belief, hope. Give people jam today and they’ll just sit and eat it. Jam tomorrow, now- that’ll keep them going forever.’

-Albert, Death’s manservant, explaining the concept of humanity to his boss in Hogfather, Terry Prachett.


Sibeh Sian said...

Freud will attribute your dirty-mindedness to your misadventures at the boys toilet.

Ensui said...

"17. Oh yes, this is one of my most boring entries, but that’s not weird either."
on the contary, i dun think this post is one of your most boring entries. i think it was pretty interesting to see how you're like. :)

OLLie said...

You really screamed? haha.

The milk diet really works ar? I think I better try the water one instead. I'm not lactose intolerant, and will only put on weight.

Zhe Bin said...

You're not the only who thinks that you don't have 24 weird facts about yourself. I have it in my draft and I cannot seem to continue. I guess only Ollie is weird. We are normal people.

Jaschocolate said...

Heehee.. it's okie.. as long as u blog anything..

Derrick said...

mmmm actually, the first thing I did upon getting internet was also to check how to get porn undetected! =D

milktea said...

I haven't read any terry Prachett books yet and I'm quite interested. What would you recommend for a first time reader?

Ang Ku Kueh said...


wat misadventures? hur hur.


wah...thanks thanks.


hahaha..but u did indeed finish 24 leh! and all very interesting, but not exactly weird.


i'm pretty reg liao hor...heng, now is my downtime.


great minds think alike, muahahah...


i'd recommend MORT, GUARDS GUARDS and SMALL GODS. any of these 3. but seriously, just take any books from the shelves of the library and read the back summary, all quite diverse, u'll find something u like!. :)