Thursday, May 18, 2006

It's official! I'm moving... a new job!

Because of the following reason:

I'm a ghost in there. my mail still gets shuttled to Lost and Found cos they still don't know i exists. I don't get welfare emails sent to me becos of the same reason. for the longest time, I got my salary by approaching Finance for written cheques cos my staff ID isn't ready. I got no immediate employer whom to report to or be taken care of. I'm constantly fighting my own battles to get a measly increment promised to me and HR refuses to talk to me (via phone or email!!!). Worse, the susperiors listens with righteous indignance to my predicament, and instead of helping, say, 'we are behind you! go Fight!' Shall I just say that they are the ones who agreed to increase my pay in the 1st place? my contract is a measly 1 year and when they renewed it, it's only for another year and it's exactly the same as before. Hello, I'm sorry, but I need to point out, wtf I study so fricking much for if it wasn't to get more monies? I'm fine if I get employed on a low deal because I'm fresh entry, but at the very least, pls recog my further studies and my actual conferrment when I've recieved it on my new contract.

And all of them say, 'well, if you aren't happy with the conditions, then don't renew your contract.'

Oh yah, what arrogance.

And so I didn't.

so when 1 of the more clueles superiors knew about it, the following conversation occured:

'excuse me? you are leaving? why didn't you tell me? how do i care whether you gave a 9 week notice, what are we doing to do when u just hightail off like that? Yes, i know you didn't resign, you just decided not to renew, but you never told me your contract only 1 year! you could have said and I would have made it a 2 year contract for you, no big deal!'

incidentally, the one who said that? he was the guy who decided to MIA from the panel of interviewers during my application for said job. during then interview, I asked for a 2 year contract and they say they coudn't. so how about giving you an increment come the new contract? then u'll promise verbally to stay for 2 years. so no increment? no verbal promise of 2 years. sorry. in any case, it's a blessing in disguise the contract only 1 year, so they cannot bug me for anything, cos I did not tender an resignation at all. heng ah....

so now, I'm off to greener pastures in a few month's time.

hur hur up ur ass, man.

But of cos, not burning my bridges....I shall miss my colleagues here, whom have been actively keeping my precious secret of sourcing for another job from the superiors. I know if I leave, they'll be doing all the extra work, but they still encourage me anyway.

I am extremely blessed.

Thanks you guys for not hating me, but a promise is a promise is a promise. no increment? no stay.



Sibeh Sian said...

Take revenge when you leave: smuggle all the 3-in-1 coffee satchets in the pantry with you.

Ensui said...

good for you! those superiors dun sound too nice and honestly, you deserve better. :)

its good to know you already have a new job waiting for you. go forth and fulfil your destiny! :D

OLLie said...

Akk, your title gave me a shock again. hahahhahahahaha..

Go go! I support you! No point slogging so hard when they don't even take you to be one of them. No staff ID and more.

Ang Ku Kueh said...


hahahah....the 3-in-1s belongs to my good colleagues leh...cannot siah!!!


kamsiah! hope I made the right decision!

daniellekris said...

good luck for your new job =) I'm sure it'll be a whole new wonderful beginning

hitomi said...

Wow, all the best in your new job!

Anonymous said...

you go girl. that's the right attitude. and that's not arrogance, you just know what you deserve. ;)


ivanny said...

i like that thinking!!! lol
finally ure blogging again! hehe

Jay "Take Care OK?" Walk said...

More power to you!.

Congrats on the new job. Hopefully this is what you want.

wally said...

Wow. Congrats on your new job. By the way, I've had a lot of colleagues who left my co. And its always the same situation, when they resign they have to go through a lot of bullshit. One senior manager would come and try the guilty trick:

"After all that [insert name of company] has done for you, you're doing that?" or "Haven't we all been treating you like family?"

Another would try negotiation:

"So, what are they giving you? How much are you willing to get before you would stay?"

Another would try to dissuade you from your new job:

"You're more suited to this job, right here. You have a bright future in [insert name of company]. In fact, I was just thinking of putting you in charge of [insert your department]. Why do you think its better over there? They're small, they don't make as much money, and worse of all, you'll have to start over again..."

But these are all tactics yeah? Moving jobs is bad for them, which is why they like to try their best to stop you. But I'm sure its a good thing for you. Congrats once again!

ah fatt's fan said...

You found a new job already? If not yet, can i offer you a job? It's in the biotechnology field. If already found, then i wish you all the best!

Ang Ku Kueh said...


hahaha...ya hor! sorli sorli! i didn't slog all that hard lah, part of the job. it was fun while it last, but the susperiors taint everything.


i hope so! ya lah, not too bad a start I guess. will keep u all updated!


kamsiah! if only they are all as excited as you are and dun give me grief in the next 9 weeks...


hahaha...ya ya, hope so lah. heng still young with no strings ah, can still anyhow walk off a job.


yea! me back! its the hols now, so got more time, but i got no funny stories to tell, how ah?


oh goodness! will you believe its the very first one I applied for! and of cos, i believe an ideal job will be more of a mindset rather than the occupation itself....(I heard some horrible stuff about my dream dream job from an insider, yeucks...makes me think twice...). i mean i believe in that mindset, ahem. hopefully.


muahahahaah....i tell you hor, they always like that one, they always fight fire when its already too late! why?!!! why didn't they just discuss and give me what I wanted in the first place, then i would have stayed like a hushpuppy....

ah fatt's fan:

hoi! u biotech one ah? work as what? tell tell! got what job offer??? tell tell leh!!! scarly my dream job, pengz...

ah fatt's fan said...

AKK, i'm going off for my half-day leave now. Can i contact you via email next Monday? ????

Ang Ku Kueh said...

ah fatt's fan:

ooooohhhh...sure!!! of cos lah!

Acey Deucey said...

All the best in your new job, AKK. I also looking for new job after finishing with my studies. Did you spend a long time looking for your new job?

Ang Ku Kueh said...


not really. I'd say...erm...1 month? is that long?

Acey Deucey said...

No, not long at all. So all the more reason to be happy about it!

Ang Ku Kueh said...

hehehe...okie lah. pay not that fantastic, but really who cares as long as I can leave their thumbs?

Xia_mi_mi said...

I like the way you get back at them~! Kill with no blood lei~! Yupz you are indeed lucky, can don't renew then go. Not like others have to tender le then wait awhile. This is when you get hell from your boss lei.. =S

kachuaz said...

go! kin zao! knn sia!

greener pasture.

i agree on the "I study so fricking much for if it wasn't to get more monies?" part.

eh hello, no cheap labour ok? definately not from the "world-class insituition"


Jaschocolate said...

Me also looking hard :P

nadnut said...

hahaa congrats again! :P

Ang Ku Kueh said...


oh yes! i think from now I'd have to thread carefully also, not good to have too many bad references around.


hur hur, i think u'll be surprised that most of these institutions actually aren't very forward thinking. most of them still tend toward inflexibility.


then i wish you all the best in your search!


thanks thanks!! :)

Adrenaline said...

congrats ah. me still sourcing for jobs.

lakeside girl said...

Waiting for more funny stories at your work place! ;)

ALl the best, babe!

Zhe Bin said...

Yes, I'm sure it'll be "off to greener pasture" for you. = )

Ang Ku Kueh said...


thank you thank you. i also wish u all the best!

lakeside girl: new job is all technical, hehehehe...wont be too funny.


the grass definitely longer and juicer looking there. *chew cud*