Monday, September 04, 2006

The loading of the links!!!

Hi all!

Finally I've found the perfect solution to permanently put up my voice blogs! Here are all (most) of them, so for those who have not had the chance to destroy your eardrums...well, here it is!

The back-by-popular-demand JihPahBan album:

Commentary- always always hear this before hearing the song

Choujidan- the extra behind the scene

JPB- the song that propelled this blog to notoriety

Mariah- the comeback single sure to chill you even in sunny singapore

The Miss N and AKK series: stars guest fren Miss N on her valuable contributions and countless giggling. There's no better audience....

Miss N and AKK on a quest- Quest for what? click to find out...

Conversation with Miss N about the treadmill- AKK goes to the gym...

The more serious Singsong for A:

Babytalk- hey, brown eyes, this is for you....

yup, that's all, folks, sorry for the re-runs, but i'm in the midst of editing another vblog right now, so if you guys just bear with me a while.....ahem......

Thanks all!



Wu Ah Ah said...

Wah seh, didnt know the JPB song will be back to kill more eardrums. =P

Anyway, it's good too to share the 'misery'.

One gripe though, how come dont have new compilation of songs? I'm dying to let my eardrums lay in peace leh. =D

Anonymous said...

I missed the JPB song last time, so this time I as so glad that I got the chance to hear the JPB song.
I quite like the song, absolutely funnie, though is much room for improvement for the singer. :)Nevertheless, I still give U 4 out of 5 stars for the song. Look forward to more of your voice blog soon.

Spy P

Cae said...

Dear AKK jie jie, the next song u should sing is 舞女! Nice nice!!! =D

Ooof said...

You ROCK!!!