Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Will you help?

Hi all!

If there's anything you would find out about me when it comes to charity, is that I champion Blood Donation above other forms. In fact, I think I have talked about it on a few occassions. Below the surface of that post, is a need to urge people to understand that charities, all well and good, can't always be about MONEY, SWEAT and extra hours of community service.

Some forms of charity require blood and marrow. A person can be the wealthiest man alive and thinks he requires no help and is not needy, but once struck by illness that only someone else can help him with, no amount of money can take away his mortality if there is no one to offer him a part of themselves.

What I am saying is: you may have built a rock-solid future stockpiled in cash, property, education. You think you'll not ever be needy nor be at the mercy of goodwill.

If you think like this, then you'd better be in the pink of health. We are all human and while our lifestyles make us think that there are multitudes of differences between us all, we are all one species. If a giant should look at us, we will look no different to him as we would view a nest of ants. We are all the same.

OK, perhaps I'm sounding slightly exasperated. Money I make all the time as long as I work. Ask friends for donation and all hands on the wallet to whip out a note. I am grateful for that. But things like Blood and Bone marrow? Everyone runs the other way. I respect your choice. I understand how the sight of needles and blood makes some ppl quake, this is actually the best reason of all. I understand that alot take diet pills so perhaps their blood isn't fit for transfusion. I even understand that why most would forgo bloodletting because they'd like to be below 45KG and scarless. Vanity deafeats us all.

So I'm plugging another drive again, this time for bone marrow donation. A friend of a friend has been dealt a swift blow. No matter if we act, look, feel 100% hale and healthy. There is sometimes no explanation why a normal person intent on living Life to the fullest can be diagnosed with a major illness. Same way a bunch of ants wonder why another ant, seemingly hardworking and beneficial to a colony, can be squashed by a person's idle fingers.

Do you want to take the necessary steps only when a close friend, relative, sibling get randomly picked for thumb-squashing? Or do you want to help now, in any you could, either by plugging Jaywalk or by telling others, or by getting yourself screened?

Because, seriously, that thumb might decide on you one day. Just because.

And then, you'll want to know that there are people out there, who have never seen you or talk to you, give you something of themselves so you can go back living your own Life to the fullest.

Forgive me for my agitation. Perhaps I am scientific by nature and hardly sentimental. The thought of a whole race of Man who have no idea that we are all like ants, that we all succumb to random bad luck, that we are not and never will be totally in control, squeezes my heart more than this lady's plight.

You see, I'm scared shitless. I donate blood, signed myself body for organ donation, and got screened at a previous marrow drive already. If one day, I or my loved ones should be thumbed down, I'd like to see my charity reciprocated. I would hate to know that I have done all these, only to end up dying or watching someone else die, just because others aren't doing what they should.

So you see? If you do it for others, you are doing it also for yourself. A prick of a needle in this bone marrow drive- what's it to you? Like an ant bite.

An Ant bite as a start to save a potential person's Life. How many people can say that?

I'll never know, but I've probably saved someone's life with my blood. And definitely narrowed the search for a marrow donor.
How about you?




JayWalk said...

Thanks for the plug!

ah fatt's fan said...

I have also signed myself under Organ Donation for "Any Needed Organs/Parts". I will gladly donate blood but i'm not qualified for medical reason.

Anonymous said...

brave words. i applaud you for taking a stand which many, including me, would've been too scared to do. :p

personally, i've only done two blood donations and those were during NS days. your post has definitely made me consider going for the present and future drives. :)

P.S: its good to know that the little girl made it. :)

Ang Ku Kueh said...


welcome. too bad u in Ch1na. U're officially off the HSA radar for being in a Bird Flu zone.

ah fatt's fan:

sorry to hear that. That's a real reason, so I never write it here.


great! as usual, I'm hampered that this post will confirm have very little comments one, because I think lots of pple are guilty for the reasons stated or simply dun care. Whatever, but I'm glad you are thinking of donating blood again. How abt the screening? hee. thanks greatly. and this gal? she's a mom actually and not out of the woods yet, just lucky she got a match. :)

Anonymous said...

i went for the screening. :)

Ang Ku Kueh said...


Dear Ensui, your comment has made my day. Thanks. :) *hugs*