Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Run For Funds!!!

Hi all!

Another year, another marathon and another bunch of kids get given a hand to help them along. Welcome to the RunForFunds Project where every fund gets given to the children and none get choked in red tape, admin or corruption. Jaywalk has asked to help out on awareness, but I think its neccesary anyway since it's only a good thing to announce good intentions and they actually do not entertain anonymous donations.

So interested parties can click on the link to Jaywalk's post to find out what its all about. Those who periodically run marathons *hint hint to SibehSian*, can actually do it for a good cause. How about that for both hobby and karma?

that's all!



Anonymous said...

WOW I also this morning around 9 plus put the banner/link in my blog.

Great Minds Think Alike. HOR?

Jay "RFF" Walk said...

Thanks for the plug!

Much appreciated.

lakeside girl said...

Hey babe you're back! =)

Anyways my blog add has changed:

Don't 'OUT!' all the time..come back IN and write more! :(

love, LG

marsha said...

Aisey, man. Reading this post with a packed tummy is not good. Now feel like go sleep, reading about marathon pulak. Aisey...but I'll check out the event, anyway. Thanks~!

....::sPellb0und::.... said...

keep blogging alive...don't stop for so long k...


averilchan said...

Donate to Ang Ku Kueh Fund for more updates.. ~silly grins~