Saturday, March 03, 2007

Things that make you go ‘er….’

Hi all!

When your colleagues unabashedly with 2 oranges and say, ‘ happy CNY, AKK! Here’s a pair of oranges for you!!’

AKK: “Great! Thanks! And here’s a pair back for you too!’

Colleagues: ‘Ay so bad ah, no ang pow ah? U married liao leh’

AKK (embarrassed): er…..

When you invite your friends to come over for CNY during a dinner gathering:

AKK: hey, everyone at this table is invited to come my place this Saturday!!
XYZ: yayy!! Another gathering! ABC, you bring your bf along leh, I’ve never seen him. AKK, ask ABC to bring her BF leh!

AKK who has seen the bf and really didn’t like him much goes ‘Er….’

AKK on email: hey all, you guys are invited to my place for CNY!!

ITE ask AKK loudly and with everyone within hearing range, ‘Hey AKK, my BF says he wans to come, can he come? Pretty please?!’

AKK who wans to keep it small but got caught in the great outdoors goes ‘Er….’

NUS asks AKK ‘Ay, I have activity with my BF in the morning, so can I bring him to your place? I’m driving and it’s very bad to dump him lonesomely at the MRT while I come here by myself.’

AKK who can’t think of a better place to dump the BF so he can go home goes ‘Er….’

NUS mass-mailed everyone: Yo! See u all, I’m bringing BF, Akk allows!!!’

Then.....‘Oy, AKK, I heard NUS’ BF going, can I bring my other half too?’

and the cycle begins....

So when did I start having idiots who can’t read between the lines of ‘If you didn’t hear it from me, then you aren’t invited?’ clause?

Have I been missing out on the erosion of common courtesy?

And why when I open my house with purely good intentions, I get ppl who get pissed that their other halfs can’t come along? I mean, come on, my house right? It’s got a capacity to what it can hold and how much I can cook.

Pls think for me and be kind to me. I didn’t have to do this. Stressed over pitiful lousy things……




Ensui said...

i do believe that there was an ST article on our illustrious Minister Mentor, the great LKY, that while Singapore has progressed into an first-world country, Singaporeans have yet to learn how to behave graciously and courteously.

Perhaps you can make some excuse and tell them that you have a last-minute urgent appointment that day and so the gathering is cancelled. Then you can quietly invite the better-mannered and closer colleagues to a separate gathering at your place. :)

ah fatt's fan said...

No need to cook. Just feed them peanuts....

Sibeh Sian said...

Very simple! Next time state in your invitations: Pets, Maids, and Significant Others are not invited :)

Christel said...

Sorry to hear about these shameless pple! I kena that for my wedding before! Some even say "can lah, find a way to squeeze loh!" Can ask them to go fly kite!

But after kena-ing these pple, I learnt not to invite those shameless pple altogether.. much less their halves or quarters.

kachuaz said...

some ppl just buey hiao zo lang.

sianned really.

nadnut said...


come lets go have dinner. my treat!


can i bring my bf along?