Friday, November 04, 2005

Chui Kueh’s disappearance...

Hi all!

Zhebin made a comment in the last post saying, 'How come Chui Kueh so long never update liao?'

Wally also accused me of the same thing, so I decided to put here a short explanation.

For all those who are not familiar, Chui Kueh has been a new addition to the kueh family of Bloggers since er....Aug? He is fair, usually steamy-looking and is soft to the touch. He also comes with chai por and chilli with additional 20 cents. Very cheap.

Ocassionally he screams in his sleep. The fact that AKK is his own big sis is sufficient explanation for that phenomenone. And also becos he has not been the same since the 15 hearings of the JPB song while sitting strapped tightly to the chair.

Sacrifices have to be made for the Good of All (ie me).

I think it’s been a great while since Chui Kueh had his blog. Funny how his blog only got 3 entries, then he neber update liao? Many have wondered if Chui Kueh

a) Is really really AKK’s lil’ bro
b) Is Ang Ku Kueh’s own Alter Ego
c) Is A figment of your imagination

Actually, Chui Kueh is currently unavailable right now, cos his big sis hacked into his blog when he was out playing basketball and changed his blog password ala-Xx-style.

No really, I changed it since he having his O levels now. It was a prank on my part since he openly asked me for a suitable password that's easy to remember. Not that he minded anyway, he hasn’t been online for a damn long time, not even to update on his own flesh-and-blood sister. He has also taken to sudden disappearances when I needed him to 'vet' my Baby-talk recordings.... He is now mugging in his own little private hell.......

You say: why I so mean? Becos I’ve been in the same bloody hell a few times, but mostly we call it the Study Room.

Like the many many Dieting Reality Shows, I’m forcing him away from the PC all for his own good. A good big Sis has to turn bad sometimes….

So on his behalf, with him over my shoulder reading every single word being typed out, after losing a battle over the keyboard, he wishes to say:

TMD….si cheh cheh….. Thanks to all who misses me. Now is time for commercial breaks. Shakespeare may be a sadist but Hitler is KNN super dua-pai-lang. Cheena only good when watching Xiao S in Ta1Wan variety. Bio only good for watching CSI and playing Mortal Kombat. Geography text is best when used as toilet paper. Pi is only good when it can be eaten. Chemistry good for making fart smells. Physics only good for swinging stoopid goh-lis in the air. Pls swing some other balls.

I think I love cheh becos she took the internet away for my own good. Yes, I also want to live longer.

That’s all. Back to Main menu.

Hmmm.....Weird, ay?

Never mind, 3 more weeks and I promise to release him his password back into bloggerdom....

In the meantime, i also preventing my own workload from fighting back ( Down boy! Down!!!)....


AKK :)
Barney and li-er must wait for the 5 senses entry hor...sorli sorli....Akan Datang. :)


Lynne said...

Wah you mean big "kueh"! Hahaha. No lah, you very sweet sister lah, so considerate ... ;)

wally said...

your bro very guai (ah. not weird guai hor) i must say. if i was him, i'll be begging you to give me my password back!

stars_of_rain said...

Wah. If my sis were to do that to me, I'll definitely be so pissed with her. But thank goodness she doesnt even know the existence of my blog. Hehe.

nadnut said...

wahhahaa. bully ur bro sia!

barneysaurus said...

Muahaha :D!! Being your brother lucky one, can be the first one to hear your recordings, keke....

Good luck to your bro's O ah :)

ImpetuousMan said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Ang Ku Kueh said...


hehehe....i think u must read the rest of the comments....


I think u are the guai one to actually beg for it. If he wanted to hantam me, he would liao...just that as with all things, he's pretty boh chup abt the blog rite now compared to his exams, heheheh...


aiyo...smal prank...i'll say sorry if he asked, but he dun really care. :)


i being nice! where got bully? heheh...


hehehe...he says thank u! :)

impetuous man:

eh...i no longer upload it liao, u'll have to find another source.:)
i think this place has the song, good luck! :)

Zhe Bin said...

Ohhh.. I see! Haha. Best of luck to him! And I'll stick to this kueh (ang ku) first lor.

As much as I can see you're doing this for his own good, but please don't strap him to the chair and force him on JPB again. Hahahaha!

Li-er said...

You are such a sweet sis leh! *HuGGies* Send him my best luck ok? Must gan-ba-tei!! =)

frenie said...

wahahahaha. That is damn sweet lah. Hope he does well.

If only I can do that to my younger sis. But alas, past the 0 levels liao.

Winter said...

too bad.. i can't do this to my sisters..

they are all more fervent bloggers than me.. wahahaha

hope to see chui kueh & ALSO u blogging soon


eileen said...

Wad a big sis!!! I think lil'chikueh knows that his big cheh-cheh AKK is doing this for his own gd. ><

And i disagree. Bio is for the upgrade of sexual knowledge,not for crappy CSI. Yea, geog and PHYSICs txtbk should really be used to wipe asses.