Tuesday, November 22, 2005

For a Good Cause

Hi all!

If you are like me, then you'll be quite utterly clueless about this 'Run For Funds' ding-dingerty. Jaywalk first told me about this RunForFunds a few months back. And it was only quite recently that I went to the website again, both the old and new one. I thought Adrian's 'humble' start was quite hilarious, hence begun my actual start and interest to looking at it more closely. So while I cannot say the same of everyone else, I have the gist of it here. Of cos, pls visit the site for the whole story.

In the Beginning....

Adrian Lee started out as a pudgy schoolkid whose PE teachers found easier to roll along for the compulsory 2.4km run than to let him do it standing up.

Throughout his teens to Uni Life, he tried to zhao jogging in NS whenever he could, did his exercise by head-banging during Uni concerts and sweated a serious amount via toggling his joystick buttons playing video games.

A change in Life happened one fateful day when he went down with bad cramps after lasting 5 min on the soccer pitch. From then on, he made a vow to change his lifestyle forever.

Hence, he started running and has not looked back since. He ran his first 2km without stopping and won an old lady by tripping her at the finish line...then 10km at the London Road Race beating another Old lady....then 21km at the Standard Chartered 1/2 marathon, seriously looking out for any scheming female senior citizens....

He crossed the finish line, crying tears of ...pain.....

Now.....Why not Run For a Cause...?

Adrian has not stopped there. Amid all the feet pounding, friends, families and well-wishers cheered and spurred him on to complete the Singapore Marathon on 7th Dec 2003. A total of $13, 682 was raised for his efforts, which were later used to assist under-priviledged kids in Geylang Community.

And so the Run-For-Funds was born. Adrian now has a bunch of Superfriends whom are training hell-bent to compete with their own mental state come the Next Singapore Marathon on the 4th Dec 2005 for a great cause. This time round, 15+ Superfriends like Adrian shall be running for Funds to aid charitable and educational causes in the Geylang Community.

Excerpt from the RunForFunds:

RFF 2005 Target

No of Superfriends: 15+ (numbers to be finalised as those who are not well prepared are encouraged not to run)

Total distance covered: 350km

Total funds raised: S$40,000

Your contributions this year will go into pocket money and "Maximise your potential" programme in more schools in Singapore. (These programmes have been highly successful in helping the needy).

I'm also hoping to use RFF as a vehicle to fund improvements in the living conditions of the old, sick and destitute, as well as children's homes like Chen Su Lan @ Serangoon Gardens.

So essentially, this entry is all about publicity. Rather like the Virtual Insanity Halloween Party, which is also for a good cause. These Superfriends are training to run as far as they could, since contributions are pledges of money for every kilometer ran. *sweat*

The further, the better, the merrier, but also harder, more daunting and of cos, more painful.

Sadly, RunForFunds is essentially not a registered charitable organisation, hence there is little creditability and little exposure in the public. RunForFunds thus made a point to be absolutely transparent with the contributions.

On the other hand, NKF sure is registered and is now widely exposed for all the wrong things.

So to all and sundry that is reading this entry. If you like what Adrian and his Superfriends are doing and would like to support them this way in their RunForFunds, pls drop an email to adrian@runforfunds.com or visit his website.

Also, a little help does go a long way. If you can, help spread the word on their upcoming event to others so that more ppl can know about Adrian and his Superfriends. :)

To all who have read this far even, I salute you for your kind attention!




Jay "Spreading Word Of Mouth" Walk said...

Thanks for plugging the project.

Let's hope more people can help spread the word around.

Again. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

hi AKK,

Thanks for posting this on your blogsite.

Yep, you've managed to summarise the genesis of this movement succinctly :-)

RFF will not raise funds from the general public. I just these postings will make people realise that all it take to change lives of pple in need, is to DO IT.

p/s in 2004, RFF raised S$28,234.60

wally said...

Wow, that's cool! I wanna run too - although I am not super....

Ang Ku Kueh said...


welcome, small thingy...:)


small thingy small thingy...nothing compared to the person who's gonna run that stretch....*salute*


hehehe....come back s'pore and run! :)