Sunday, May 06, 2007

Letter to a Friend

First it started out as a comment on meepok's entry, then it got too long, so I transferred it here. Then the more I wrote, realised it could be meant for all, although of cos it is address to him.

Well, to all you friends and family, yes I know you all are silent readers but I'm not penalising you for not commenting, at least not today, because yesterday was a beautiful but scary day, remember to ask me if I meet up with you.

Guess I don't say it enough and seldom do, but to you, young and old, new and old, siblings, you know who you are, you have been at different times in my life, my support and strength, my joy and laughter, my sarcasm and wit. I remember still, the things you have done for me and will continue to do in future, don't worry. Thank you and love you. My Work is not my Life. You are.


Hey Friend,

I really look forward to your entries because it’s so different from my own life. On the other hand, heng I never thought your pasture was greener, just more exciting and can take more pics since you travel so much. I stopped after taking 10 pics of my own machine. There are only so many angles you can take of it. My cubicle has loads of odds and ends of other friends souvenirs when they travel for work, on the contrary, my other friend’s cubicles are missing mine, but grudging put up pics of me posing with my machine. Heh.

My new fridge is still waiting to be filled up with fridge magnets that I vow to buy from any country that I go to. Currently, the uncovered bits stand about 99%, and my large clay mould magnet depicting the Istana takes pride of place over the remaining.

Hope that while u are working your butt off right now, you can then retire early with big big nest and play like siao to make up for it, or at the very least, ZZzzz like siao. Of cos, to spend lots of time with family, that’s a given. But currently, every now and then must slow down a bit and see the sunshine, yes? I know my life is about 100x slower and also about 1500x less important in the workforce of society, but hell, rather take it from a downtown HDB gal still worrying about money, family, work to hearing the same thing from an already ultra successful, can-take-vacation-anytime, can-spend-like-water-anytime, got-golden-family person, yes? Sounds so much more genuine.

Yesterday morning, while I was swimming, there was a circular rainbow surrounding the sun, it was beautiful and completely round. I noticed it only because I had my UV goggles on and while taking a breath during free-style, thwacked my neck. I’ve ever seen it once before and I still remember the year, the time and the place, it was an inspiring phenomenon. I rather hope all my friends saw it, but it was 8.30am in the morning and I bet they are all either sleeping off the booze or sleeping off the fatigue.

I hope u saw it too, but if you didn’t, then at least you know that it has occurred. And while life, work, money, dreams go on and people on the streets throng the traffic and buzz around like busy bees, the sky above creates a circle rainbow in silence.

Look up! :)




Meepok said...

AKK - Thank you my friend. I've responded to your posting on my blog. More to come :-)

Sibeh Sian said...

Dun worry about the fridge, can play cheat one: Get a super duper big magnet the next time you go Malaysia :)

ah fatt's fan said...

Change your reagents, AKK. Instead of running a 40 cycles PCR, try 20 cycles instead. You are no longer merely at the receiving end, you can choose how you want conduct your life experiments.

Ang Ku Kueh said...


paiseh lah...i didn't think i'd require a response bigger than a small comment here to say you've read it.


ya hor...i havent been to Malaysia yet....

ah fatt's fan:

i dun think i ever hit 40 cycles on the PCR even when I'm desparate. 20 really is good enuff. i don't understand. i've always chosen my way and have been at the receiving end of my choices all the time. am i experimental enuff?

ah fatt's fan said...

AKK, depends on how you choose your way. The common route or the beaten path? For common route, destination is is most important. For beaten path, nothing beat the journey itself.

zhe bin said...

I once read this article by a successful person - whom I can't recall! - but it was something he said that stuck on. He said that if you're living on Earth and you're not living on the edge, then you're taking up too much space.

I have been the kind of person that you know, if I want to work, I want to be working really hard, and if I want to relax, I won't touch any work at all. I work on the extremes if I have to say. However, I will also say, while you are giving your all for personal goals (no matter short or long term), you cannot forget what/who made you to who you are.

Although now I'm still in NS, I think I will remember this entry when I start working in the future.

And I haven't seen a rainbow for a long long time sia, even though everyday I look out into the sky trying to look for any hints of dark clouds. Rainy days = slacking days!

= )

ivanny said...

ooh raibows, i like rainbows. wah siao ar... swimming at 8.30am in the morning... -_-III
I think i am still snoring my ass off at that time! lol...

nevermind, you can cheat by buying Singapore's very own tourist-cheating magnets and paste them all over ur fridge. that way, it would cover the excess 99% of shiny space and seem fuller... somemore if pple ask, can just say u patriotic ma... Lol...

Ang Ku Kueh said...

heheheh....nah...dun wan to cheat that will also cheat myself since i own the fridge...

Ang Ku Kueh said...

ah fatt:

we shall have to leave this comment for the time being. I cant see the connection but i appreciate it all the same. too cheem.


hey, its nice to know u'll remember this entry. :) but its more the message than the words. Just trying to find rainbows is the best way to remember this entry. :) thanks. your words made my heart sing.

C.O.O.L said...

hi akk, gary here.. tagged your blog..

Ang Ku Kueh said...

yo gary,

thanks, man! good to know you!