Monday, June 12, 2006

Chronicles of A vol 8.: I asked.

hi all!
(oops about the punctuation! Too lazy to shift and too lazy to type on word doc.)

I decided to find out anyways. I figured if he didn't want to say anything about it, I'll probably have to really really start worrying. And since I have this lamentable habit to stick my head in the sand and hide, if I don't do it now, I'd have just remember that I have never asked him and have this little black hole of discontent that will manifest Ito inferiority complex like many years down the road.

Better to have it over and done with than to chew the freaking thing like cud in my four stomachs.

incidentally, I have not been online thru'out the whole week, hence I have not been able to reply to all your comments. I thank you all for the lovely advice. I particularly agree with jayaxe that a marriage cert isn't a absolute road to fidelity, which is why there is always a sense of guardedness about one's partner. Let's face it, it's really not him I worry about, it's the other girls around him that worry me. I think any woman who is decently self-conscious and has a slightly frayed sense of self-worth will agree to it.

but by the time I finished writing the previous entry and have some time to think, I worry less and less about that picture. In fact, when he came back around, I was even ready to let it go. afterall, it's a male thing to have some pin-ups somewhere. And cars are his favorite non-living object. Have a pretty gal draped over it is probably a bonus of sorts.

in any case, it was a fairly easy topic to broach, thankfully. All I have to do was just pop into his room while he was around and manuvereredrederd(when do I stop?) his head to the pile of pictures which he still left very openly on the table (I actually gave him time to realize the pile and see if he went into a flurry to hide them).

AKK: hello! What are these?

So much for tact and subtlety, sorry Zhebin, I cannot reach zhebinism enlightenment liao).

A: eh? What what? Oh , these? pics I took down from the office.

He was completely clueless to me singling out the 2 particular pics.

AKK: I mean these 2 lah. Who's she? Quite chio ah.

Never show fear! Pretend to like the pic as well as he, although you are dying to claw that woman's eyes out for looking so perfect. Admire it for her its worth. it may be the only think she's good at.

A: Oh! Those! Last year's carshow. She asked me to take her pic.

AKK: what? She asked you? Confirm got lots of ppl taking her pic what, why she single you out?

I considered cutting out a her outline in red paper....

A: oh yah, of cos got a lot of ppl taking. But she asked me to take them.

My ah-mah's red wooden clogs will be wonderful in easing out all those creases on the paper....

AKK: Why?

A: cos she said she will not see any of those pics they took of her unless she asks, so she asked me, among some of them. She gave me her email so I can send them.

A couple of joss-sticks to burn spot where her Bambi eyes are....

AKK: hmmm....And you find it very normal? Her asking you, among all those hum-sup old perverts/lechers she could have asked to get the pics from? In any case, why you put the pics up in the office?

A: *suddenly looking alert and he peered closer at me* AAAyyyyyYYYyy??!!! You JEALOUS AH??!!

Maybe a cut-out of him also....

AKK: No I wasn't! I just think it's a tacky pick-up line. U mean u never thought she was trying to hook up with u meh?

A: yes, you are! And yes ah, I know she's trying to pick me up.

AKK: well, you could have said NO lor.

A: well, it's not everyday got chiobu want to pick me up lah. Anyway, you can tell from her looks that she probably has never been rejected outright before. scarly she turn into monster if I said sorry, I dun wan to take her pic or get her email add, then how? If got hansem boy tried to pick you up, u'd be flattered also mah.

AKK: *intrigued despite herself* so did you talk to her? How was she like?

A: Empty.

AKK: You are saying that to make me feel better.

A: No, really. She didn't know nuts about the car she was posing for.

And that summed up A's overall love for cars and all things cars....

upon further interrogation careful detecting, the office had a large noticeboard 'supposed to be filled with event pics' but had been sorely maltreated by the 80% male cohorts in the workplace. On top of pictures of company dinners and state affairs evident from his pile, there were also some 'eye-candy' contributions apart from his carshow gal.

AKK: so why did you have to take all the pics back?

A: Someone tacked a Sports Illustrated Calendar and pissed the boss. He took it down and asked us to revamp the board to a more suitable content.

I knew what that means....

AKK: Hypocrite!

A: ya lor, my fren hasn't recovered from having his calendar 'confiscated'.

So, once again, a much-ado-about-nothing.

I figured next time just ask liao, no need to pretend. Although we all like to project the worse case scenario, but seriously, there are a hundred and one reasons more that can perfectly answer that burning question.

Now, I just wish there was a Chocolate Show with lots of male models immersed in chocolate fountains and draped over chocolate sculptures.




Winter said...

glad to hear that you are clarified :)

i am sure u 2 r a cute couple together. haha

milktea said...

now that everything is clear, why don't you go scan that pic and post it here for us to criticize? hahaha.

Sibeh Sian said...

Haha, I just read the two entries!

Eh, think don't need to worry one lah. He also wasn't gan cheong when you asked him, and that's a good thing!

nadnut said...

muhahahaah. cute lah you two!

ah fatt's fan said...

Ok now, AKK. For making all of us go through so much trouble offering you advices, you should repay us by posing with a car in your most scantily clad outfit and post the photograph here......

Jay "RQ AKK" Walk said...

Aiyoh, when you jealous hor, si beh cute leh. iBuayTahan.

Anyway, I second Ah Fatt's fan's motion.

jeff said...

Am glad that everything turned out right...

Happy for you, very!

KoreanHouseWife said...


Wat U have written is damn funny and creative (red paper dolls, ah-mag’s red wooden clogs, joss sticks and stuffs:P). Ever tot of being a copywriter? U should! I also love yr last paragraph regardin the choco models, sounds gd! I also one ONE PIECE!!!

wally said...

eh i want to see that picture. scan it and post it up! =)

Ed, Edd & Eddy !!! said...

miss out on your last post. I would have said it's nothing to worry about.

Anyway, i third ah fatt's fan's motion. :p

Zhe Bin said...

Haha! Hey v.funny. I realise you always want to 打小人 one.

Sibeh Sian said...

I fourth ah fatt's motion. *Keeps a straight face*

Ensui said...

heh. you should have nothing to worry about. the woman may be much prettier and slimer than you, but he loves you and not her.

and i fifth ah fatt's motion. :D

nadnut said...


nominated u for this.


Green Ogre said...

Mystery solved and life goes on. Sometimes, I think women make too much out of things. But it's good to have been resolved nicely like this.

I will also support Ah Fatt's motion. And I would like the car to be a 1977 Porsche 911.

Looking forward to the pic.

Jaschocolate said...

haha.. good that things are cleared up liao.. when can we see your pic ah?

Adrenaline said...

Altho I'm not a hum sup guy, I also support Ah Fatt's motion.

Please do it.

or rather, Just Do It.

Ang Ku Kueh said...

Dear all!

so super duper sorry I haven't replied to you guys. reason being I went upped and went HK for a short vacation!

I can see (with much alarm) that there is this polling going on. er...nvm, i'll get to that later.

winter and sibeh sian and jeff:

oh yah, everything back to normal. i mean, there isn't anything wrong in the first place, hehehe. i shall remember to check his initial reaction next time, hehehe.

milktea and wally:

muahahahah....i shall try to find the pic. it should be quite easy.:)


who say i want to da siao ren? i wouldn't do it if got no cause mah....must find reason first, muahhahah....this is reason enuuff, hehehe.


wah lau!!! nominate me? paiseh lah, cannot even lick the feet of mrbrown (and er...i dun want to...ahem). somemore i always so sporadic, heheheh...cannot make it. i think u better. so all of you reading this comment hor, you should nominate nadnut. i'm going to! :)

ah fatt's fan and all who seconded the notion (jay, SSian, jaschoc, ed, adri, ensui and g.ogre) :

ahem!!! hello! I AUNTIE liao, u want your eyes to go BLIND issit?!!!! confirm burst your eyeballs la! and I don't do medical insurance one!!!

Ang Ku Kueh said...


shucks! i cannot nominate liao! argh...

thanks for that vote of confidence, although aiyo, wasted. :)

nadnut said...

hahaha can lah! my fave blog leh!

anyway i never said u loser wor. just linked ur suay post :P

ivanny said...

hehe... good for u to ask abt it in the nicest way possible. and kudos to him for being so patient...

trust and communiation is the basic foundation... the most impt factor... to relationships.
i think u can stop worrying for awhile already given his willingnes to explain and be patient. lol...

may ur relationship last for eternity...