Thursday, June 22, 2006

This is not a GAME!!!

hi all!

Man, Have I got something for you ladies out there! Yup!!! only ladies!!! unless you are gay, then this post is for you too!!!

This is not a game! in fact, it is MORE than a GAME!!!! I've since spend the last 1 hour trying to get those heavenly perky lips to melt the screen!!! perhaps I'm late and you have all seen it, but hell, have joy must share hor?!!! so I share!!!

there's this competition to make this really handsome man in an online website to kiss you!!!! ain't it fantastic?!! U have to try it out!!!! argghh!!! guys also!!! no kidding, he is too cute and it's too funny!

before you Click on this link, pls be reminded that since it's just a program, you may not need a real sentence to get a response out of him.

for s start,

you may try the following words, which i have used, and enjoy the effects.

check out the various reactions I have gotten him to do

'kiss' or 'smooch'

'handsome' 'gorgeous' and 'eyes'.



'love' and 'sex' can induce different responses too. pls also try 'gay'.

best reaction so far: 'strip' or 'topshop' and 'pants' and 'dance'

yes yes, i believe you guys knew what i asked him to do.....

enjoy! and if there's any more different reactions, pls tell me!!! and for the person who succeeded in making him kiss you, pls tell too! email me if you dun want others to find out! heheehhe......


just came back from HK, perhaps a post on all the stuff I bought? till next time then!!!


frothyhaired said...

hi!! i've been silently reading ur blog since forever. i think ur hilarious, serious. better than wendy coz ur more, how to say ah, real?

anyway, omg, tt game damn shiok can. and i noe the word to crack it. I got KISSED!!! hahaha.

Ang Ku Kueh said...

gasp!!!! so fast!!!!! arrgghhh!!!! tell mee!!!! dun tell the others yet hor, heheheheeheh....

Wu Ah Ah said...

Hahaha, with a stroke of luck, I got it too!

AKK, if u give me a kiss, I'll tell u how to get KISSED.

nadnut said...

hongkong! i wanna go!

ah fatt's fan said...

Can i have guy version with you as the actress in it??

Sibeh Sian said...

Games youngsters play nowadays... tsk tsk!

Anonymous said...

i got him to kiss me too. :D ~milktea

wally said...

This reminds me of some games where the point was to get the girl to go out on a date with you, then get her into bed with you, then get her to strip naked...

Ang Ku Kueh said...

wu ah ah:

wah lau! threats ah! bad hor u!


heehehe....will u be going soon? i can tell u where to go for the chdeapest stuffs!

ah fatt's fan:

aiyo! become comedy central for u, issit? no way! if i write such a prgram, i confirm easy to crack code one, i have no subtlety lah. generally, 'come take me!' will do, no challenge.


uncle, u and i not young liao and i believe u must have tried it already, hehehehe....


great! me too! but i had help from frothyhaired! aren't i lucky?! hahhahaa....


wah...then got the guy version? and can give me the cheat code??

alien73 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Winter said...

i also want to know


share leh... :P

Anonymous said...

oh...u should try out french, wine and shop ;o) still trying to find out the word to get him to kiss!

Ang Ku Kueh said...

winter and anon:

the word is connected to the nose, ok? think romantic thoughts!

hope this helps!!!

wally said...


nostril? snot? bi-sai?

or you mean anatomically connected?

er.. lips? cheek? ahh.. upper respiratory tract?

romantic.. nose... I give up!

Green Ogre said...

Oh that was fun, and you're right. That boy is cute!

frothyhaired said...

haha i rock can. so fast got kissed. must be coz im so cute. =X

Ang Ku Kueh said...


you hor...not romantic at all lah! I so obvious liao!!! wat can be romantic about the clue 'nose'? think think! u so smart! think!!!!

green ogre:

I know...Grrrrrrrllllll.... many guys think so! I like the way he rocks his *censored*....

frothyhaired: cute and smart, of cos!!!

lakeside girl said...

AKK, have you finally found out what is the answer? I got the kiss, but the end result was disappointing i tell you!

I love the way he reacts to the word 'love' or 'babies'. So typical of men!

Winter said...

i still dun get it leh

how to be romantic with nose??


must be i seldom have romantic moments to think about it.

share share :P

wally said...

eh.. i really give up la.

Anonymous said...

way cool! thanks for the tip!

Winter said...

finally cracked it


and when you type "type of girls" the reaction was soooo sweet :)

daniellekris said...

Woah! I got it on the first try!
Eh.. but the guy looks a bit too metrosexual leh..