Thursday, June 29, 2006

The HK Trip and the GSS

Hi all!!!

Nadnut is quite excited about my buys in Hong Kong, so I've decided to splash all my stuff here to make her green with envy (or not), hur hur....

To all the guys out there, well, you can skip this post lah. It's all clothes and shoes and bag and accessories and.....

Take a look!!!

cotton white strap top with 3 white buttons and turquoise pants with elastic at the hem.

Bought these bags in Nathan Rd, rather like Singapore Orchard road. But frankly? pls go Argyle street for this Far East Plaza look-alike shopping mall crammed to the max with pretty good deals. But don't believe them when they tell you it's real leather. It's not. you can smell the difference.

petal-cut white bag with brown faux leather straps, super big bag. it's got a fabric lining inside, so it'll not fall apart like those plastic linings that rip from the seams.

on the right is a safari print fabric bag from Esprit Factory's only S$20!!!! *gasp!* when in HK, must must go to all those factory outlets, ok?!!! got super serious deals, man!!!

Green knit top with matching flower brooch from Argyle Street. White Pants I just bought from Queensway yesterday at $15 dollars for TWO Pairs!!!! Muahahaha! Eh...if only I can find back the same shop again though. Damn place is a maze....

My best buys in retail were these shoes! all in all, about S$15 a pop! Very nicely made fabric shoes! From Argyle street (see? what u waiting for? go!). First one is my personel favourite, with a grey elephant stitched onto each pair! Second is this rather-like-schoolshoe thingy drawn with a silver marker and edged with gold lining. 3rd is this sunny yellow open-toe wooden plats with silver lining. the 3rd is a bit uncomfortable and i'm a fraid it'll pinch. second pair is sadly very hastily put together, with the inner sole not well glued. I didn't find out till it's too late. so please make sure that u guys check your purchases before u leave the shop.

Oh yes! and here's some of my own works. I've been tinkering with beading recently and have been making some trinkets in preparation for a temple/charity booth drive in december! My colleague have me roped in for half a booth to display my stuff! Yay! it's great because as u can see from the works, I haven't got my jewellery-making thumbs up to scratch yet, so I'm learning still!

Okie! not a lot of wrds but there u have it! Nadnut, hope u are groaning in envy! muahahahaha! and for those who needs further details for HK, I'll try my best to help out!

Next blog shall feature my one single most favorite activity in HK and I'll be posting up a pic of me doing it! eh....sounds a bit wrong...oh, well...

Till then! OUT!

AKK. :)


nadnut said...

boo! make me jealous eh? :P

woman! its nadnut not Nadnut. hahahahaa. *anal*

ur shopping buys looks great. u wait! ill be going bangkok in sept. MUAHAHAHAA!

Sunflower said...

Eye BIG BIG! so jealous!

I wan to go shopping!

hitomi said...

I like that green knit top! *envy envy*
Too late for your tips, I went HK a couple of weeks back. Suaku me didn't know about the Espirit outlet until the night before departure. Needless to say, we rushed down there the following day. So in the end I got current and not-so-current stuffs from Espirit. Burnt big hole in my pocket. Bought 3 pairs of jeans. I love their cut!

Jaschocolate said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... HONGKONG!!!

Zhe Bin said...

I think the white bag quite nice leh. Did you go to Disneyland?

wally said...


nice earings..

Ensui said...

lol... i believe we male bloggers won't have much to comment for this post since its about shopping. :D

Sibeh Sian said...

I have absolutely nothing to say, save for this sentence.

ah fatt's fan said...

All along from your postings, i thought you are of XXXL size. But looking at the clothing size, then i realise you lied. So slim still keep talking about losing weight.....

Ang Ku Kueh said...


hur hur...okok, i'll not have caps next time! but u at the start of the sentence mah! ya ya, blow me away with ur purchases! yay!


actually, singapore sale ain't that bad leh! just don't look at all those 20% discounts. too little. only walk to more than 50% off places. ebase is good, one in Marina and another in Suntec. u try! i got a s$15 top there! :)


wah lau, go there at the end is better than go there on the first few days. in fact, i went on my second day and because haven't gone Argyle strt yet, so din dare to spend so much, argh! next time must shop with the best places first before going to the outlets, at least can use card!


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......HONG KONG!!! hehehehe....came back penniless leh, so cannot spend much at GSS...ouch.


for s$61, don't bother. I can brisk walk the whole park in half an hour. fricking waste my time. if it wasn't for Tigger and all those commercial disney products! just an experience for me lah, but my fren says to go disneyworld at orlando...5 day entry still haven't cover the whole place...Now THAT, is what i call disney!


kam siah. you want which one? i make and mail for L?


hhaahah...try wally's comment!:)

sibeh sian:

*pengz* but i'm glad u commented even when u got nothing to say! :)

ah fatt's fan:

er....i think should say super-duper thank you liao. but u didn't see the size tags on those clothes. the pants are L, white top and green knits are both stetchable L lah! that said, hong kong ppl are really TINY!!! so on a good day, i can strech an M without breaking sweat, but hell, who are we kidding? oh ya, i also like loose clothings.

the only thing i have is small feet! my feet is size 5!

heather said...

they seems to have alot of pretty things! I like the animal bag and the white top! So sweet!

Green Ogre said...

Did you go to the Dickson warehouse outlet at Kowloon Station? I make it a point to go there just before I leave. Branded goods at good prices.

Anonymous said...

Do you notice that the white shoes dun look like they are twins?
Different prints leh ....

Icemisty said...

Your jewellery making skills is really not too bad for a beginner! All the best for the charity booth!

serendipity said...

wow!!! nice buys!!! i love the yellow shooos... and the tops are very pretty!

Ang Ku Kueh said...


ya....having more money while i was there would have been sweeter...

green ogre:

aiyo, i did not leh. i had to tag with others, so din make my own plans.


i didn't notice....i think they gave me a mismatched pair...oh crap!


thanks thanks!!


hahaha...i think so too! u should go HK!

Li-er said...

Ehh... where's the long-awaited pic? =P

averilchan said...

Wah you see! That's is the difference when you go shopping WITHOUT old folks at your back.


Can I share your loot?