Monday, May 09, 2005

Tomorrowed and Rambled....(!)

Er....I need to confess something.....

Something has happened but I don't understand its significance or its meanings. This entry is just for queries, because I would like to ask around the blogging community, but I don't exactly dare to post a comment asking a totally unrelated question...

I think also, that I'll probably be bashed head-first into the toilet bowl because it's those type of stoopid questions that everyone here would know about, eg. 'your money or your life?' and I an idiot (me) might have said,' money?'

What does it mean by 'tomorrowed'? It's a recommendation? I just realised that I got an excerpt for my R(A) entry over there (thank u, yan!). Er...I think it's good news, yes, happy happy. Think can celebrate hor? *tentative*

Also, I think I should doubly celebrate becos I've been 'rambled' by the Ramblinglibrarian? I think that's the term...and a second mention about wedding gifts.....

Oh well! How about that, ay? That's very flattering!

Thank you! I should preen a little! *preen preen*

And I discovered all these after a depressive blog on the same day.... The sun/moon blazes/shines bright bright again!

Nite out! I go off for happy-bunnies dream!



Blah! said...

"Tomorrow" is kinda like a site where SG bloggers can recommend a post they like to the webmasters (for eg. Mr Brown, Mr Miyagi) so it can be enjoyed by all. If u ask me, it sure beats having to crawl through every blog cos new ones keep popping up everyday!

Ang Ku Kueh said...


That's what it is! I get it, i tot it was so weird becos the whole website sounded Singlish....thankee!

Jayaxe said...

Yes, just like when a blogger's nick is SLAP and your entries kenna 'slapped' by him, it means he appreciates what you write.

Ang Ku Kueh said... that very cute. Then if I ever appreciate anyone's work, he/she'll be 'trivialised' by me. then you can also 'axed' somebody. :)

Ivan Chew said...

I think "You've been AngKuKueh-ed" [add the image] is more interesting. BTW, I think this practice of indicating "I-am-being blogged-by", (e.g. "I've been Tomorrow-ed") is unique to the Singapore Blogosphere.

Ang Ku Kueh said...

Ivan Chew:

Hear Hear! Personally, I think that as Singaporeans, we have a very distinctive personality. I think we stamp it on in whatever we do, be it in politics (nanny state plus having 3 PMs-MM LKY, SM GCT and PM LHL), laws (chewing gum) or in Blogs.