Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Sad Ping Pong Queen vol 2.

Hi all!

Recently I had another chat with the Sad Ping Pong Queen. To update a few things about her? She has finally dump her then current BF and is going around trying her best to enjoy singlehood.

The key word is ‘trying’.

One of those things she did to get herself out of thinking too much, was to catch up on her reading, which was good until I realised....

scenario 1---PPQ intently reading a thick book and AKK approached her:

‘Hey! What’s that you’ve got there?’

‘Oh! It’s a self-help book, I need some motivation.’

‘ok, I bet it’s about women power and independence, ya? That type of book makes me feel great sometimes.’ W#hich was a lie, of cos, because I don't like books that superiorly tells me my life isn't good because I've not actively practicising what they preach.

‘Oh no, actually. It’s about how relationships work. I’m trying to see where I went wrong.’ At this, PPQ coughed and her eyes misted over.

I sighed and left her to her feelings.

So much for looking for happiness. Would she really want to know that the whole thing could have worked out fine if she’d follow their 10 ‘golden rules’ of lasting relationships? Really, I wouldn’t, but hell, I’m not her and I’m not that masochistic either.


Scenario 2:
A few days ago, PPQ asked AKK to accompany her to a seminar during the weekend.

‘Wait wait…I think i heard wrongly, what was it again? What's it called?’

‘It’s a seminar on ‘how to make relationships work’. Want to come with me? It’s only $10.’

‘er…no thanks. You enjoy yourself though.’

‘Yup. I'll try. I’m sure I will learn many things.’

PPQ thought a bit more then voiced out.

'Do you think, AKK, that I could meet someone there? perhaps another person with the same problem as me?

'Er...I'm sure you aren't the only female who decides to make her life better with a clean slate.'

'No, AKK.....another guy.'


Then the weekend went by and on a Monday, my office phone rang. It was one of my clients who wanted to request my services. After we confirmed time and date, he suddenly perked up over the phone,

‘Ay, Akk! I got stuff to tell you! I met your colleague, the PPQ, at the relationship seminar! What a small world!’

Eh? This client of mine is quite the ladykiller. He dresses well, looks cute, can talk, is super-single and happy just the way he is. Apparently he went just to keep another guy fren company. Lo and behold, PPQ sat just beside them and they all started chatting.

Just as I finished the conversation and put down the phone, PPQ came into the office and went straight for me, chirpier than I've seen her in weeks.

‘Guess what! I saw your client there! I didn’t know you had such a cute client! So gentlemanly somemore…….’ And she walked to her desk with a silly smile on her face….

I have a bad feeling about this…..




ah fatt's fan said...

And they live happily ever after......

JayWalk said...

"keeping another guy friend company."