Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Sad Ping Pong Queen Vol. 7

Hi all!

Hope u are all kept up to date with the on-going series, if not, please read the entries below starting from the 1st vol. Oh yes, I admit I now very lazy, because I just cleaned up the whole house by myself, a rare occurrence, thankfully, so I beseech you to scroll to the previous entry to get all the links to the other volumes…hehehehe.

In any case, here’s the latest installation, which I’m happy to say, did not decrease in its excitement and drama. In fact I would go to say this is even more soap than opera. Here’s why:

The current situation is that I invited my colleagues over to my place for a poker session yesterday. Here’s something about the bunch that you should know. These are really really nice and young and fun people, even the older ones. Maybe because of the ulu location of our department, we needed to be more rowdy and raucous to balance our sanity and the ying-yang of the place. Perhaps next time, I shall blog about the ghostly occurrences in the department, so you can see why we needed to make some noise all the time and remain happy.

And nothing can make us happier than to have lunch together over an intense round of ban-luck or 21. The bids are in 10 cents only, but the point is not the winning, the point is the playing…..and of cos the excitement of the possibility of getting caught playing cards in the office.

So… back to the story, the whole office came over to my place for food and fun, PPQ included. We all noticed she was exceptionally happy, but as a group, we tend not to ask too personal questions all around. And frankly, I wasn’t that interested, even for the PPQ series. In a certain way, I’m sure I can get the whole story in its own time without my intervention.

Sure enough, halfway through the game, PPQ started telling us about her on-going. She went out with LK again, this time for dinner after work. The gals had to ask who asked first, him or PPQ. It was him that asked first, she verified.

Ah, I was thinking, this PPQ is either very smart or very stupid. Beforehand, LK already mentioned to me he received a few smses from PPQ for lunch but he was busy. I knew that he was going to make it up to her for not being free, so the dinner was no surprise. On the other hand, the way PPQ was saying it, she either wanted us to think he’s earnestly chasing her or she wanted to pretend it was all true.

I started worrying again, which was utter stupidity, but I couldn’t help it. On and on in my mind was LK saying the words over and over again, ‘Should there be anything else?’ when I asked him if the date was only for fun.

These 2 people are going at it at cross-purposes.

Oh yes, to digress a little, a quickie conversation that made me pissed happened on Friday. It was PPQ being asked by the younger, idolizing gals whether she does indeed like the irascible, charming LK. I was busy working at my cubicle but her lovely voice reached me anyway.

‘I think I do! I mean, he’s very eligible. Dresses very well and is a scholar! What more could a girl want?’

To which I snorted so quickly and so badly and so loudly, that I had to cover up, bring up a jokes website and ask the gals to come over to read them so that they won’t suspect I heard it. The whole thing is starting to turn into a joke I can absolutely appreciate. I’m almost sure I should see the demise of this relationship, if it ever happened, with PPQ the worse for wear again.

Of cos, what more could a gal want except that a guy is eligible? I’m sure she doesn’t need things like kindness, care, concern or basic attraction. As long as he dresses very well and get As for grades, I’m sure he Mr Right.

What utter shallowness. And it’s terrible because I didn’t know when I became so angry about the whole situation, except that I thought it was such a waste of time for both sides. Why can’t somebody just be the bad person and tell PPQ off for her air-headedness about relationships? Was it because that since LK became a friend, I’m actually worried for his reputation and safety? After all, after seeing her in action, the thought that she might like to turn Martyr for Love is highly plausible?

Again, the whole story is running away from me. There’s so much and so little information to write this out since everything is in bits and pieces. Back to the poker game at my place on Saturday: Suffice to say there was bit more conversation about LK this and LK that and LK everything for the next 30 minutes into the game. By then, everyone who’s got brains at least the size of peas have discovered the new PPQ and her rather larger-than-Life-imagination. Apart from naming her second future son, she did everything to confirm that as a person, she thinks much too much and much too highly of herself. It’s weird, because just a few days before, I thought she was suffering from low-self-esteem….

Colleague Jill came to the kitchen to help make the coffee during a short break, where she gave me the second largest piece of news of this entry. Due to her work, she’s required to sometimes go back on weekends and in fact, had came from the department to my place.

‘Guess who I saw at the labs?’ she gave me a cheeky smile while I ripped the 3-in-1s apart.

‘PPQ?” I said. It was hardly a subject between the 2 of us that never got back to her.

‘Yah and you know why she was there?’

‘I have no idea.’ PPQ’s work does not involve weekend burning…..Hmmm……

‘She went back to buy fish porridge for LK.’

‘Huh?’ I was mystified. Did LK lack the hands to buy his own fish porridge?

‘I’m not kidding. She told me she came back just to buy him lunch.’

‘Oh well, if he did ask her for help, that’s hardly news.’

‘Yup, but he didn’t. She just came all the way back to buy it for him because she knew he’s in the lab today. But that’s not the best part, the best part was that, not only did he NOT know she came to give him lunch, he didn’t even arrive yet when she got there, so she waited till she couldn’t wait anymore and actually left the takeaway at the receptionist.’

‘At the receptionist?’ I gasped. It was unbelievable.

‘Yes! Then she smsed him a cryptic sms and asked him to get ‘the surprise’ from the lady at the lobby.’

‘From the lobby.’ I intoned. I was gobsmacked.

‘From the lobby.’ She confirmed, her lips quivering.

And the dam burst out in the kitchen. We laughed at the flabbergasted performance that is PPQ. It was bad planning, and terrible coordination all rolled into one. I know I should look at it and think its sweet, but the thought of him going back to the lab, most likely with lunch already settled, receiving a ‘surprising’ soggy bowl of cold soup from a grumbling receptionist was too much. The whole lobby would have smelt of soup. I wondered how amused the receptionist must have been to receive it and how equally amused she would be to find out who the lucky guy was.

Somebody’s embarrassment shall know no bounds even as we speak.

Jill and I giggled irrepressibly when the whole bunch coddled us unsuccessfully to tell them the joke. It was nice to have an ally.

The whole thing ended with success. Success meaning that I won enough to buy a cup of coffee. The whole adventure would have ended here and in fact, been sufficient for a blog entry.

But another new thing about PPQ I would learn is never to expect the expected when it comes to her.

A series of smses was flung at me today, while I was dosing off to sleep at my balcony, mouth wide open, enjoying the sun….

They were from PPQ.

Dear AKK, I wanna tell you something. I strongly believe in the TS theory now bcos it has been proven in my case. I have managed to find out one of my secret admirers just now…. Haha…

I felt uncomfortable about the ‘Haha…’ I smsed back, ‘Really? Was it someone I know?’

No, u dunno….it’s 1 of my JC frens. He is marrying soon. He drove me home just now. On the way, he asked me why I never like him…then I told him why, then he told me tat last time he did have crush on me. Haha… But it’s all past le. Haha…

The ‘Haha…’s are starting to sound demonic.

I wrote back, ‘Actually, it’s best not to go looking, just know it can liao.’ Whatever possessed me to tell her the TS theory…

The next sms made my toes curl and wonder about her mental state….it was long and filled with lots of haha-s and apostrophes.

Ya…I know…unless they divulge themselves.. so I strongly believe tat there are at least 9 more out there who is thinking of me now. Haha… Really…I am so glad tat this fren of mine is so brave 2 be vulnerable to me, to tell me this. It really makes me even believe tat theory, felt better about myself. LK jus happen to be the bravest to approach me in a more aggressive way… Haha… Or he is hiding something behind his sleeves by being so nice 2 me…So I have 2 be mre careful… Now I believe tat ‘the one’ shall overcome all obstacles 2 court me, and not the other way round. Haha…=)

Oh man! This time, I got a very amused A (who has been kept very updated) to pen the sms back to her because I am left speechless with guilt and …fear?

It would be best not to think so much and just enjoy a great frenship in the making. Even if things don’t work out, everyone can still be frens.

Rather than dampen the spirit, her reply was a roar of self-expression starting with…..

Haha… thank u 4 ur advice. Anyway, I still wanna thank u 4 ur TS theory. This is going to make a difference in my Life le… Haha…^-^

Oh no!!!! What have I done??!!! I have given power to the undeserved!!! The knowledge has mentally disabled her senses!!! And what’s with ‘hiding something behind his sleeves’ mean? While I agonized, A guffawed at the entertainment.

Half an hour later, PPQ sent her pièce de résistance. Note the hesitance.

O……..Ya……AKK...... mind I check w u? Did anyone give you cookies 4 ur birthday? Haha….

I have a bad feeling about this…..



nadnut said...

lol! how old is ppq?

Ensui said...

This is getting really really complicated. 0.o

Ang Ku Kueh said...


she's 26....


u bet! it gets worse...i've got fodder but not enough...stay tuned!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for updating this regularly, really nice to be entertained with these hilarious PPQ stories!

Sibeh Sian said...

Hmmm.... I'm not too sure about all these.... I mean, no doubt PPQ is clueless in love, but I actually find the fish porridge thingy a sweet gesture. And for all you know, LK might be leading her on you know?

Anonymous said...

of course LK is leading her on - ok, I don't know LK, or PPQ or even AAK (I really enjoy reading this series at the moment though!), but IMHO, it's quite clear he's leading her on.

how can he say 'making friends' when he brings her flowers?!?! that I think is too much - especially at this day and age.

ah fatt's fan said...

AKK needs her Tai-Yang Shen to bring some light to her department.

Old Beng said...

Hope PPQ won´t get too disappointed/hurt when the final episode reveals...

Ang Ku Kueh said...


a bit of a xing zhai le huo thingy...but after a while, i realise PPQ doesn't keep secrets, which is why this series is out.

sibeh sian:

yes, i know, sounds like leading her on. Lk and I had a 'talk' already, just to make sure he knows he's barking up the wrong tree if he wants to 'play'. conclusions to be revealed soon.


I know you may think this action is leading another on. but in this day and age, flowers can mean anything actually, not like my mum's time, give flowers is must go see parents liao. the point is that he might have started out wanting to really date her and get to know her better, but later on, he may have changed his mind. The point is that although the flowers are given, any intentions attached to it may have changed as time goes by.

ah fatt's fan:

eh? nowadays got tai yang shen everyday, i like.

Old Beng:

i hope that no one gets hurt in the process, not just PPQ.

kim said...

I suspect there's alot more to come. hahaha..

Gambatteh! I suspect everything's just brewing for a climax soon.

Ang Ku Kueh said...


hmmm...i'm not sure, but i eagerly anticipate it!