Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Sad Ping Pong Queen vol 3.

Hi all!

Today I had an extremely excited PPQ (pls read vol 1 and 2) corner me the minute I walked into the office. Although we talk abit, we were nevertheless not very close, so it was a surprise that she thought it fit to drag me to a corner of the office just to show me something.

It was an sms from my client (denote LK for ladykiller):

Hi PPQ, I got your number from the seminar contacts list, hope you don’t mind. Would you like to have dinner sometimes?

‘Oh, AKK!’ she gushed. ‘I’m so excited! I think he likes me!’

My open face closed. I was hesitant to tell her in the face of her brilliant happiness that while a guy asking you out is a good indication he’s interested, it doesn’t mean he’s THAT interested, especially to someone like LK.

But just in case, I said ‘that’s good. But you must understand he’s a very very nice and very very friendly (I emphasized) man.’

What I really wanted to say was, ‘Don’t count your chicks before they are hatched.’

She didn’t get it. ‘Yes, I know!’ eyes sparkling, she smsed back and told him she’ll be delighted to go out with him.

Very soon, the date is set. They are going out…tonight.

PPQ is getting so excited she fairly floating off the ground.

LK came over to run his plates again at my department. A casual question got this answer.

‘Nice to just make more friends!’ and he winked at me.

I think he wants to be my friend too.

I have a bad feeling about this.




ah fatt's fan said...

Hi AKK, although I do not have your number from whatever seminar, would you like to have dinner sometimes? Nice to just make more friends!

Anonymous said...

oh dear. I recognise that. That was me when I was younger. I used to get real excited whenever anyone of the opposite sex paid me any attention (of course, the added factor that he's cute makes a big difference!!) lol. It even happened when I was first married and I nearly got myself into big trouble.

It didn't matter that I had quite a few male friends and some of them thought I was attractive. It didn't matter that I did have several boyfriends before too. It's all to do with esteem, or the lack of. like what you said in vol 1, that she couldn't believe someone could bear to be with this 'obese girl' for 7 years.

anyway, I hope you'll be a good friend to her and be around when the crap hits the fan.

good luck.

Shun kueh said...

May you can get her to read your blog. That may clear things alittle.

Ang Ku Kueh said...

hey ah fatt:

I'm actually considering this and trying not to make it a joke by gushing 'I think he LIKES me!!!'. hehehe...too bad this is too public a place to make friends.:)


when you were younger, did your frens encourage the thibnking or advises you against being too emotional about those encounters? I believe that right now, PPQ is not in any frame of mind to accept cold water pouring over her. how ever, i'm keeping my hands steady to catch.

shun kueh:

hahahahah........cute, no way man! I'm bad enough to admit that I'm stealthily writing the story as it unfolds. I'm not hiding anything here. she wun appreciate it and i dun wan a full blown argument in the office, which i think she is capable of.