Saturday, July 30, 2005

I kena whacked with a shoe...

correction!: i whacked stars 2 times, but i was aiming the other baton for Vanna, so vanna, u got whacked with stars also! hehehe...sorry, i blur....

thanks for telling me, abt the error, Jaywalk.


hiya! I shall take this short time to plonk the entry on my shoe history.

I got whacked by Jaywalk, Jellygirl and Ed, Edd and Eddy, so I shall bow to their wishes and tell the whole world where i got all my corns from....

total no. of shoes:

i fail maths! can't count! lah, i too lazy to go open the shoe cabinet....but i think at least 6 pairs lah, not a lot becos my mum screams at me to pls tidy up my shoes, but i never do, so i dun buy more to aggravate her.

Last shoe I bought:

er....i think it's the yellow strappy one below from tracce....bloody hell, buy already, then all the oter colous start coming out! arrgghhh....could have gotten a nice pink one!....

how many shoes beneath my workdesk?

4 pairs! all lab work shoes to avoid spills on my naked toes. it's sad becos we can never take them home to wash, because they are considered biohazard i buy and buy and buy for the lab....once in, cannot go out into the world liao. waste money...

my shoes!!! Posted by Picasa

the above are a few of my fav shoes....i love Carlo Rino, and i bought the gold and silver mules from this brand. I used to wear only WHITE shoes and sandals because I got super tanned (but thick) legs, but now I diversify so i can wear more white clothings, hahaha....

the white mules are also from Carlo Rino. My papillio Birkenstock (english garden-cream) is a birthday gift from my frens...they very nice...super-expensive siah.

Okie dokie!

here's the shoe baton to the following pple!

Wisps of stars

ay....i know i send to quite a few pple hor...but who cares! the more the merrier!Pls dun do if dun want ah! it's ok one! :)




Zhe Bin said...

hahaha. just nice. cos' i did before already! hmm. i'm a guy but i like birkenstock. v.nice!

Jaywalk said...

eh. How come Wisps of Stars whack two times har?

becca said...

I love ur birkies! Mind telling me how much they are; I'm thinking of getting one... but need to save lo.

Hisreason said...

My, eh, 'reason for coming back' is a shoe addict. She bought 8 pairs in the last 3 months. Goodness!

Tempest Blue said...

ah.. I'm not a shoe nut! I'm not a shoe nut!

There's no reason why a guy can't have more than 10 pairs of shoes! Each of them fufills a very specific and important function that cannot be replicated by other models!

Noo, I'm not a shoe nut!!!

Ang Ku Kueh said...

eh? u dun have to be a girl to like Birkies! ehehe...universal!

thanks for telling, one was meant for Vanna actually.

its $120 crazy., thank goodness my frens are loaded, hahahaha....

siao! that's more than wat i have rite now, ehehe...

calm down calm down! it's ok! don't do the baton lah! :)