Tuesday, September 13, 2005


hi all!!!

Li-er and Nad passed me this. And after doing this exercise, I have learnt something abt myself in the process...

# 7 things that scare me...
1. spiders
2. ghosts
3. having my family broken in any way
4. suffering before death
5. Lost my financial independence
6. becoming pessimistic
7. finding out I can’t have a babe of my own (touch wood)

# 7 things that I like most...
1. my family being whole
2. Hang out with my friends
3. being able to have dinner with my family
4. money (who doesn’t?)
5. being able to see something happy and beuatiful in something small
6. food, all kinds!!
7. having companionship and yet, the freedom to be alone

# 7 important things in my room...
1. power-rider to hang my clothes
2. my bed
3. secret stash of porn
4. me (duh!)
5. my art and art/craft supplies
6. PC and lappy
7. books, books books….

# 7 random facts about me...

1. before i did braces i couldn't ever close my mouth...
2. I almost always wear white clothings
3. I thought of commiting suicide (last time lah)
4. my abs used to be a 4-pack (long long time ago…*burst into tears*)
5. I was born cross-eyed, that’s why I was so cute as a baby
6. I wear maternity clothes to buffets (hehehe…small sized ones…ahem…)
7. I look like a guy so much last time, I can walk into a male toilet and no one would question me. The fishball auntie also call me ‘ahboy’ when I was clearly wearing a skirt.

# 7 things I plan to do before I die...
1. sex
2. have a family
3. learn professional glass art
4. save up to ji pah ban then spend like hieow….
5. to be able to wear a bikini and not be self-conscious
6. tell the ppl around me I love them
7. continue blogging and keep my identity secret

# 7 things I can do...
1. love and love alot
2. make a mistake and apologise
3. sleep with mouth closed
4. cartwheels, that is, if my arms can still support my weight

5. appreciate being alive
6. imagine (hahahaha….)
7. do the right thing (sighz)

# 7 things I can't do...
1. forget something that is forgiven
2. be sure of my left and right (loong chiah!)
3. sing (heheh….)
4. be a volunteer at an old folk’s home or children’s home
5. be neat
6. feel sorry for myself (too thick-skinned)
7. hurt anyone intentionally (I hope…)

# 7 things I say the most…
1. wah lau!
2. sorry!
3. thank you.
4. hiya! ni hao!
5. choujidan!
6. huh? *blurr*
7. jidan….-__-*

# 7 celeb crushes…
1. Horatio Caine from CSI miami

2. Tommy Lee Jones
3. Harrison Ford
4. the tallest guy in 5566 (forgot his name…looks good tho..)
5. Greg Sanders in CSI LV

# 7 people I'll love to see doing this...pls do as you will, because it's again, pretty much a chainmail, but I'd like to know abt you guys! :)

1. jaywalk
2. tempestblue
3. frenie
4. vanna
5. stars
6. lancerlord
7. chuikueh
8. Ed, Edd and Eddy


Acey Deucey said...

Maternity clothes to buffets?! Wah...

barneysaurus said...

I seond Acey's "WAH!" to the maternity clothes thingy, keke ;)....

Lynne said...

You like David Caruso? Eeeeee, I no likey him, he's got a really bad attitude, thinks he's damn good-looking (good enough for the big screen) but obviously he is not, that's why he returned to doing TV. What a loser, hahaha. Sorry lah AKK, you can still like him lah ...

Anonymous said...

can put the jibaban song up again?

Zhe Bin said...

Hey, I also kena this a few days before. And... I cannot do cartwheel!! Plus.. you actually disclose your 'secret stash of porns'. Have you at some points forgotten Chui Kueh's existence? LOL!

It won't be a secret anymore.

angkuguay said...

Hello there! Heard about your blog from friends an just felt like I MUST drop by to say hi to another fellow nonya confectionary!


Zen|th said...

Wah.. You have porn in your room? That's something I didn't expect. Hahahaha.

stars_of_rain said...


He's super cute!!! I screamed when he got blasted in one episode. Haha..

Li-er said...

Hey! You reminded me that I can't differentiate my right from left and vice versa man! Hahaa... Don't ask me how I drive one. =P

Zhe Bin said...

Hahaha! So many kuehs!

lancerlord said...

If got time I do huh.

Ang Ku Kueh said...

acey and barney:

I would have tot that was a logical thing to do in ANY buffet, heheheeh.....i pity ppl who wear tight clothings to such places...


pwah! such strong feelings against him, heheheh....if u haven't noticed, I actually dun noe his real name, just the screen one, it's his portrayl of his role that i like, heheheh...


sorry siah, originals in PC, which crashed. Links expired also....that one i cannot help.:)


perhaps when chuikueh does his seven, i'll find out the same thing!!! time to lock my bedroom...


Brudder!!!! :) jurong also siah...wat a small world...:)


hur hur hur....


ya ya!! he's the most wacky of the lot, i like!


how u drive one? heheheh........


OTOT! :)

averilchan said...

3. secret stash of porn?!

Looks like we have something in common...-winks-

Winter said...

sweetie, when i got time to think then i do hor..

haha.. i damn lazy one

frenie said...

hahahaha. Maternity dresses. I jus wear very loose clothings to buffets. But wear tight clothings also good then wun eat so much.

Chen Deneng said...

eh... how come no kueh being featured ah?

Ed, Edd & Eddy !!! said...

I try to do too... But like very long leh! How long you took to do?

Jaywalk said...

Stash of porn??

Ok next time I come back, I know what to get liao.


kachuaz said...

the tall 5566 guy is shao wei bah.

i also like greg sanders~! so cute sia!!


eileen said...

Of course I am disgruntled. People have nothing to do then to compare who's compatible and who's not and how can someone get a hot dude or the other way round...and the funniest thing is they show it. -_-. An act of stupidity from mankind.

nadnut said...

maternity clothes ah?

hmmm. maybe i should try that!

Tempest Blue said...

" I look like a guy so much last time, I can walk into a male toilet and no one would question me. The fishball auntie also call me ‘ahboy’ when I was clearly wearing a skirt."

Heehee! I bet the fishball auntie must have thought you had serious issues. But hey you turned out all right, didn't ya!

Thanks for tagging! Will get right to it. Soon.

stoned.nerd said...

let's exchange porn!!!

Ang Ku Kueh said...


woman after my own heart! tot i was the only one out there!


so sorry i blast u with it, hehehe...do lah do lah, heheh


then no point going to buffet liao! aim is to stuff the face, gal, not refrain!:)


kueh? u are reading it, heheh.


definitely faster than a norm entry...heheheh...just putting the pics took long.:)


wat to get? from me for yourself? or FOR me? hope it's the latter! hahahaha......anime!


glad u like Greg, he's not prominent in the show, but he's the one I've got my eyes on all the time!




we can do it together! want?! conrad buffet! heheh....


I turned out OK, but a bit too tomboyish for certain friends, hehehe


hur hur....show me urs and I'll show u mine....

nadnut said...

conrad buffet? sure sure!

Beng said...

Hmm... I see you're a CSI fan :)

GraCie gUrL said...

hiya akk, found out abt yur blog thru the NEWSPAPERS, (did u noe yur blog was featured??) jus thot i let u noe dat Greg Sanders is totally HOT *double nods* n CSI miami is showing on tues nights on channel 5!!!!! oh...but no greg.s ......

Ang Ku Kueh said...




yuppers. i see tat u are too.:)


hehe, thanks for dropping by. i know. :) greg is very cute, i agree.