Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's Raining Men! Hallelujah?

Hell, yah! Got your attention, didn't I? However, this entry is not about swoony, handsome and brooding's all about the arrogant, I-think-I'm so-Good-Looking(but didn't have a clue) men.

An aside here : Actually, which woman in her right mind can like a brooding man? I understand how some woman can like rollercoaster men, read: mood swings--it's the moments of breathlessness and wonder over a guy's sensitive, suddenly insightful actions that they wait for, after months of mooning like a clueless puppy.

On the extreme, you get those truly brooding Gothic monsters. Sure, they got the 'sey'. Oh yah, the hang-dog look, the smirk, the occasional grimace and the frown are some of the very limited expressions they have. You want an example?

Seriously, one of Batman's favourite hobby is to pretend he's a gargoyle in Gotham concrete jungle.

Tada! Like Batman lah, wrecked childhood, lives in a cave full of bat shit, wears tights and prances around after hours. Strange but true.

Alright! if you must know, saying this doesn't mean i don't like Batman hor, I adore him to Bits, he is afterall America's Favourite Superhero. I watch his cartoon all the time, except that he's now an old cranky man in Batman of the Future and the new batman is quite a loud talker for a hero (less than spiderman tho, that one talks way too much). I only mentioned him because he's the most recognisable brooder I know.)

Brooding men, real brooding men, are those who are on a very low-fibre diet. For you gals out there, here's a tip. Don't ever EVER get involved with such Men. They are absolutely constipated. They look it and they act it, whatever you do, they're still gonna give you this look that makes you think they're going to drop a big stinking load. For the whole duration of handing this guy breathe near you, you'll be always wondering:

  1. should he should be left alone?;
  2. or I try to draw him out?;
  3. is it something I've done?;
  4. was it my fault?;
  5. was it me?

All those mindless agonising quesions. Liking a brooding man is like liking a deaf-mute with acute PMS. Doesn't listen, can't talk, has a permanent cramp. Don't do this men, they are like freezers, they'll suck all the warmth out, unless you are such a masochist, in which case you are very welcome to these people, even if doing it will decrease the likelihood of other 'normal, happy people' meeting these singles.

Aww...shucks. this is a huge dugression. i was supposed to put my 2 cents worth for the Cleo's 50 eligible bachelors....oh well, there's a always a next time...

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Blah! said...

Maybe you can write about guys that make u go ga-ga next. LOL!

Bubblemunche said...

Bravo! 2 thumbs up :D!!

I blame the phenomena on Mills and Boon, which is full of tall dark brooding man with swooning ladies in distress.

... Er, I don't read Mills and Boon. No, really!

Ang Ku Kueh said...


Actually, I can fall in love with just about anyone. I give new meaning to the phrase 'looks don't matter'. It could be long as they're fact, I might be you or any of you hilarious bloggers out there...


I believe you when you say you don't read romances..ehehehe....because Mills and Boons are already out-dated, man. Any Googly-romancers out there (i.e. me) have already graduated from milkmaid Mills and Boon to more Hardcore, Teary and more swoony romances. Maybe next time, I'll risk copyright and put in some juicier excerpts from my favourite writers. :)