Monday, March 14, 2005

Ninjai Chapter 11 is Finally Out! All hail the Gutsy Laddie!!!!

Hi all! Super good news!!!!! Ninjai chapter 11 is finally out!I've been following since I was 22! *Gasp* That's was 3 years ago! In fact, I got stuck at chapter 10 3 years ago because chapter 11 wasn't made then. They've been so plagued with broadband and money problems that chapter 11 was never published till now.

* a minute of respectful silence*

For all those who don't know what the heck ninjai is, well, it's only just the Most Bestest BEST Flash Animation ever created! With a great storyline and seamless art combined into a spectacular work that is Free (!) for viewing on the internet! Gosh, man! what have you been doing all these years in front of your PC??!!

Not only that, the final chapter will be up on the 15th of march, so pls watch out for it. On the other hand, those who don't know that it existed, pls hor! Go and visit the place, I've got a link set on the right of the blog. Familairise yourself with the art that is Ninjai, the Little Ninja! Woohooo!!!!! *pop Fire Cracker* Posted by Hello


Anonymous said...

Hey, Ang KK, thanks for the reminder! I caught chapter 11 was fantastic! As to your blog about faces, I think I'm pretty symmterical. Want to know me?


Blah! said...

Can u laugh like Spongebob????? ;)

Ang Ku Kueh said...

Zephyr: U mean, you want to know ME? *gasp* That's really generous of u. :)

Yan: nah, I can't laugh like him, but I definitely can space out like Patrick! Duuhhh....*drool*