Tuesday, March 01, 2005

There's a rumour going around....

There's a rumour floating around among my colleagues: that I can actually wake up early .

well, It's true.

I did it regularly, on Saturday and Sunday, every week, without fail.


So that I can catch up on my Teen Titans on Cartoon Network, switch to watch SpongeBob Squarepants and Jimmy Neutron on Nickelodeon after that, change over KidsCentral to drown myself in Mirmo Zibang and the Powerpuff Girls, then went back to Nickleodeon for Danny Phantom, perhaps jump over to Disney for Kim Possible...

No need to check my schedule, I've got them all down pat. My family knows that the weekend mornings are mine, the remote is also mine, all the way till 12pm (unless there's One Piece, which will end at 1pm). Anytime otherwise, the whole TV I surrender to their ministrations.

I professed that I am truly a real connoisseurseurer (ahem) of all things animation. I watch all kinds of anime/cartoon/flash etc, without discrimination (truly, what does that word mean?). I can expound at length why Bubbles can pick up her crayons when she doesn't have fingers (hello! excuse me! Ever heard of Velcro?). It is bewildering to me that anyone can be bored with SpongeBob, granted you either think he's corny or he's irritating, but either way, it should raise your body temp someway.

Which is why i spend my birthday watching Howl's Moving Castle and feeling so deliriously happy about it, even when I had to pay for my own ticket from my own ang pow money.

I'm not gonna criticise the reviewers who criticise this movie (%^&*$%^..... You!!!!). In my eyes, such whimsical and artistic venture to bring a book to Life is not something some Old, Doddering, Discriminating and Sour reviewers can understand. There is so many things to see past the drawings. But! I shall not bore you with them. Beyond a doubt, if not Miyazaki's best, neither his worse, but still artistry to behold.

Of Cos, the Wizard Howl has got to be the most handsome androgenic male figure I've ever had the pleasure to watch. Let's face it, I bet 90% of the female population in the theatre probably couldn't concentrate as much on the plot as they would have liked, not when they're drooling down the sides of their mouth just watching and admiring the wizard's every move and antic. Such charisma, such charm! He's so beautiful when he throws a tantrum!

People tell me not to go too nuts about such things, especially something so flat and 2D, but to tell the truth, there isn't a single live human out there that has a face to match most anime creations, i can't help taking this kind of other-worldly experience seriously. infact, I'd count myself lucky to catch a glimspe of any boy that looks as good as Robin (Teen titan)

Escapism is the bane of a Piscean....But enough for 2day! I'm going to finish watching Grey feather Alliance and Ghost in the Shell.


Blah! said...

hey there AKK, good to see that I'm not the only kid-at-heart who catches Sat morn cartoons whenever I can LOL! Keep posting!

miss_kindakinky said...

I swear I've fallen for Howl. :)

Helps that I share the same name as the female lead character as well.

Ang Ku Kueh said...

To Yan:
Thanks so much for making me feel better about being so kiddy! Just you like to know, I've recently gotten channel 34 too! it's Disney Playhouse! that said, I just watched Blue's Clues...
To Miss Kindakinky:
Guess what? I got so swoony that I went to splurge my hard earned ang pow money (via simpering) to buy the illustration book for Howl...I sleep with him everynite...