Sunday, June 26, 2005

Movie Bat on the head

I'm been hantammed! By WonkyTonk and Tempest_Blue. you guys are so nice, I so honoured. :)

Although frankly, I'm the last person I would have thought of passing the baton to, eheheh...

Total Number of Films I own on DVD and Video:
Authorised or raidable by the police? I’m a law-abiding citizen, I am! I’m also broke…So er…I have none of any.

Last Film I bought:
Read above! I Not Stupid dun count.

Five movies/DVDs I Like...A Lot:
er…I just realised that I’m not very mainstream…I really really absolutely absolutely love animation….mostly anime becos currently American animation are not on par yet, although slowly getting there. Their drawing style also different….so the stuff I like? Mostly what layman ppl call cartoons.

5 movies/dvds i like!

All time favourite. Exquisite drawing and deep narration. perfect.:) Insanity-inducing. Dun watch unless of sound mind...

Grey Feather Alliance. Same animators as the lain ppl. So i expected no less from them...very enigmatic storyline, picture-wise beautiful! Dark show but not as queer as Lain...

hahahah....very funny old movie. I loved it because it's the embodiment of women power. all 3 are oscar holders, what more you want? a movie doesn't need pretty girls to make it a hit:)

a collection of animation by animators from Japan and America. A fantastic culture shock to see everybody's distinct styles of animation. I know I'm boring u to bits, bear with me. 1 more...

wah lau...finally something more common and recent. I love apocalyptic future stories....very thought-provoking. I dun watch it becos of Tom Cruise. I watched it because of the AUDI....

5 ppl I'm passing the baton to:

er....I chose you guys and gal becos i think u all very nice, wun hantam me for landing you a chain-blog...remember are nice..extremely so. If someone beat me to it and already give u baton, then good for you, they think u nice also! plea: Just dun hantam me. :)

Oh yes, pls dun do it if you dun want to, I'm serious. :)



AKK :)

Oh ya...did I mention I draw anime also? maybe next time post some of my drawings here. :)


kachuaz said...

minority report was a good movie~ keke

Tempest Blue said...

I watched Animatrix in the cinemas. It was pretty cool! I liked the one about the haunted house.

Other than that, I don't watch anime unless they have english dubs. I do own a set of 'Record of Lodess War' though. :-)

Jayaxe said...

Woah, thanks for the tag and saying that I'm nice! Haha.

Ang Ku Kueh said...


you said it. took my breath away!


ah...words of a connoisieur, huanted house is drawn by a very famous jap animator. i think he drew Tokyo Godfathers also.:)


awww...U are nice wat...:) thx for picking it up.

Yan Yehn-Yohn said...

Oooh you draw? Look forward to seeing those!

nadnut said...

haha. kena hamtum! lol. will do later :)

nadnut said...
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wally said...
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wally said...

what am i supposed to do when i get hantamed?

Hisreason said...

I'm an anime nut! Favs include Cowboy Bebop, and... Nadesico! Haha.... Watched Lain before too... dark!

Ang Ku Kueh said...


hey! yes, I do! not real-life like Jayaxe...all anime. one day will put it out (esp whe I ran out of things to write!)

thankee, dun do also ok, eheheh, I understand about chain-blogs


u just answer the questions I answered, then sent to other bloggers to do also. but seriously, i choose u because I know you might not bother, ehehehe...send to gf and gf's bro lor. :)


really? a nut? not a lot of ppl do, esp more out-of-the-range anime. cowboy bebop? fantastic choice, although I like Read or Die more. i dun like robots/sci-fi, so nadesico is out for me, although i like evangelion. needless to say, I'm a big fan of Miyasaki's drawings. Trigun and Sakura Cardcaptor are my secret loves, ehehe... if u watched Lain, pls watch Grey Feather, it's not as dark as Lain and is actually very light-hearted in some ways. if got good recommendation, pls say hor, I'm on the hunt for anime/comics. When i say i'm serious, I mean I buy DVDs just to keep and illustrations books to cover in tissue as collector's items. :) nobody dares to touch my collections, ehehe...

Yan Yehn-Yohn said...

The only anime I have time to watch is Naruto. Eh, got nice anime to recommend or not?

Li-er said...

Geez... do post some of your drawings yea? Let me give you a few stars. =P

Ang Ku Kueh said...


Ohhhhh!!!! of cos have lah! All those I've mentioned in the baton....okok..let's do it in order:

funny and relac:
sakura cardcaptor, trigun(!), Tokyo Godfathers

Cowboy bebop, Read or Die, Vampire Princess Mina, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl's Castle, all Miyazaki's works (about 10?)...

Evangelion, Gundam series, Ghost in a Shell (both movie and series). not a lot, cos I dun really like sci-fi.

I also heard that Steamboy is good, although I've not watched it. My worst buys were WeiB kruz and Hellsing, which really suck. I have Lodoss war but never got round to watching. Most of them are in Chinese subtitle, you'll have problems finding eng ones, but some are available in comics shops. U can try fruits Basket, ehehe, which I heard was damn funny but the series might be too long to invest in. :)


oh yes, i plan to! soon soon! just a hobby lah, nothing fantastic like jayaxe's life-like drawings which he said took half an hour to churn out...wah...that's fast lor!