Tuesday, June 21, 2005

MSN wins!

to all u nice nice ppl out there who give me your opinions!!

I shall officially close the polls! thank you all for your input! the votes are as follows:

10 votes for MSN, barring repeat votes, hehehe...

friendster totally sucky and 2 votes for yahoo messenger!

I have since downloaded MSN and currently trying to set it up!

Obviously, cyberspace would not have been half interesting without you guys around!
so i shall be very thick-skinned and ask that you guys add me into your contacts. :)

My email is akkueh@gmail.com, pls feel free! Ok if cannot add me lah, I can understand!

Thanks again!

out AKK


Zen|th said...

Yeah. Use MSN. The majority in Singapore use it anyway. :)

Tempest Blue said...

you need to sign up with a hotmail account, then can add you. Er.. I think.

Yan Yehn-Yohn said...

I was wondering the same thing myself. You need a hotmail account right? Give us gmail for what?

rkp said...


nadnut said...

nope. u can use gmail also. :)

added u, now add me back :P

Ang Ku Kueh said...

hi all!

thanks for adding me!
oh no! i added you all already! it doesn't matter! :) I just talked to my hotmail friend using my gmail log-in :)