Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My drawings

Hi all!

I'll be busy with writing in the next few days again, so I forsee nothing interesting and exciting for me to blog about in any long-winded way, so i shall take Yan and Li-er's suggestion to post my drawings up, which I've been meaning to do for a while but was too lazy to unpack the tissues from the paintings......

My HP photo-taking not too good, so I did not take the whole drawing. What u see is just the face of the characters, where most of the detailing work went into. all the paintings have 1 common trait, they all come from CLAMP comics. Last time when CLAMP still bothered to draw their eyes nicely, I was enamoured of their work. Then later, i think they change their style, so some of the comics from them are very simplistically drawn, very sad time for me, becos they have discarded their trademark 'liquid' eyes.

Obviously if u ask me, the hardest part to draw is their eyes. I always start by drawing eyes first, which will take half-a-day, then the rest is easy....colouring the eyes on the other hand....very long, back-breaking work.

I just put down some of my favorites. i drew them during Sec and JC days. Each took about 2 days to draw and a week to colour. All in poster paint. :)

My very first Poster-sized work! in 1999, I spent 1 week cloistered in my own room drawing this from X-Clamp vol 1 by Clamp comics. Hardest part is the lips....until i found a way to colour until they mysteriously become 3D....stroke of luck there. :)

This is from RayEarth Comics, also by Clamp illustrators. i bought this pirated deck of RayEarth illustrated poker cards from Taiwan, then decided to draw one of the illustrations. The challenge is in transferring the image from a poker card onto A3? A2? size drawing block....yes, must use magnifying glass....

One of my last works before Life and studies caught up with me. Also my proudest. It was not the best I've drawn, but the details are almost exact down to the original drawing. One of the most challenging because the eye you see here is only 1cm across, but i spent hours trying to get the colour right. you can use a magnifying glass to look at the eye (which i did) and still wun find any mistake or 'roughness'. I used a tiny tiny brush to paint it, that's why its very fine. Sadly this pic quality not good enuff, otherwise, u can see each indiv stroke of paint in the eye and the eyelashes.

Okie! this is really one of my shortest entry liao. as much as sometimes i tend to get inferior about myself about certain issues, I nevertheless am fully confident of my anime drawing and painting skills. I say that It's easy to draw, when you get right down to it, it's only like photo-copying. see what, draw whatever, but I seldom see anyone paint their work as good as mine unless they are professionals.

I know, I'm so think-skinned. ehehhe....ok, I shall not bore you to bits.

out and take care!



Tempest Blue said...

Hey, you're a very good manga artist! I wish I could draw even 1/4 as good as you

nadnut said...


Yan Yehn-Yohn said...

I'm jealous, JEALOUS! Hahaa..kidding. Thanks for sharing your artwork. And oooh, I used to watch Magic Knight Ray Earth on Indonesia's SCTV! That blue-haired girl was my favourite.

Jayaxe said...

Very nice! Have you ever drawn a caricature of yourself then? Hehe.

stoned.nerd said...

great drawings!

i cant draw to save my life.

anyway you mentioned writing, you're a writer or something?

Ang Ku Kueh said...


aiyo, practise practise practise! I started out with a scrapebook. :)


the blue-haired one is also the most typical pretty-long-hair one leh...sigh...men!


I hope u dun get the wrong ,eaning about can see, can draw. the thing is while i can draw anime, I can't draw 3D to 2D...so definitely, i cannot do still or real-life painting, i suck at it. so caricature of myself? nah...:)

Ang Ku Kueh said...

stoned nerd:

I'm writing scientific report...:) I'm a biologist!

Jaschocolate said...

Hey, the drawings are great.. Keep on practising and you can draw humans liao..

stoned.nerd said...

okay, i had an inkling you were into biology or something. and i thought you were doing research, which would put us in similar arena of work. somewhat.

but anyway, all the best with your report.

Li-er said...

Goodness! You are so good!! *thumbs up* I give you 4.5 stars out of 5. Cannot give 5, cos there's always room for improvement. =P I need to go and perfect my stick-man drawings man! Hahaa...

LC said...

Clamp "discarded" their complicated drawing but a lot of other manga artists took it up. Personally, I like their simple drwing more. And I think your drawings is really good. Doos enugh to passed off as Clamp work. Seriously

Yan Yehn-Yohn said...

Hahaa...I'll only like those typical long-haired girls if they kick ass. Flower vases are soooo not my type. Bear in mind that the above criteria only apply to anime babes LOL!

JellyGirl said...

Nice work! And you're right, painting the eyes are probably the most difficult part of a character. I could never get the eyes right.

lancerlord said...

Nice. About 1 week for each to be done? You put in a lot of time, effort and patience on each drawings.

Ang Ku Kueh said...


ahah...thanks, but i dun like real-life drawing, ehehehe....:) nothing more prefect than animation, to me lah.


yuppers, quite similar. all the best for ur research too.:)


haiya, no lah, must practise always. u can do it too! hehehe...:)


from a fellow CLAMP fan, this is the best compliment u can give me, fren! I think they stopped drawing those eyes because it took too bloody long! eheheh....but of cos, no other manga artiste can do it as well, very distinctive, their work. :) ur fav clamp?


if i remember correctly, she likes to cook and has a sadistic nature, eheheh...:)


hey! u draw also?! see see! :)


wah...hi, very nice of you to drop by! and comment! ehehe....yes, 1-2 weeks depending on amount of time spend. in some of the drawings, the paint must be applied by layers, so yes, take very long. i can spend the whole day just drawing, a lot of work, except to me, it's not work....it's a form of pleasure to lose myself in it. :)

The Duck said...

Such magic coming from a paint brush in the hands of a biologist...maybe you've missed your vocation dear:)

Suprising hidden talent you have...but quite impressive. Ever drawn a duck by chance?:)

JellyGirl said...

AKK: aiyoh cannot lah, I haven't drawn/painted in a loong time! All I have are my sec school drawings. Nowsadays, I just doodle. :)

Jaywalk said...

Wah... si beh hor leh...

*clap clap*

Hisreason said...

Wah rau, damn good leh! I love manga too and I tried drawing them, but I'm a sad case of CMI ;)

Ang Ku Kueh said...


ehehe...but these are also from sec/jc, so i think i have lost touch already. :)


thankee thankee. :)


hah, really? no lor, as i say lor, practise practise! :) i haven't drawn in a long while...i think skill also gone liao. :)

ivanny said...

OMG u drew those!!!??? they are damn good man! i thought i bought them comics until i read ur entry!!!


Ang Ku Kueh said...


Hiya! thanks for dropping by! *preen preen* thanks for the compliments. The thing is, my lil bro can draw too (but he dun colour as nice...hur hur).

the Duck:

ayay...ur nick ah, Iq! in chinese, u know what it means? will give ppl wrong impression, ehehehe...like what u giving me now...eheheeh.......

about drawing a duck? how about I rake some old albums to draw u instead leh...ehehehe....

kiat said...

ehhh zeh!!! i realised something!! Your 2nd drawing, the eyes are too close together!(i think)
See for urself mann.. *triumphant grin*

Zen|th said...

Those are some nice drawings! :)

Ang Ku Kueh said...


yes, I know, dun tell the whole world, can?

thank u thank u! :)

Lc said...

I dun really have a fav clamp manga but I do like the current running called XXX-holic. Their stories seems to turn so sad all of the sudden which upset me. I like happy stories :)

Ang Ku Kueh said...


I undertsand, i think Clamp works are mostly happy starts with terrible endings, sigh....the only one happy enough is sakura...:) i have the VCD, wah lau...good show!