Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Thoughts of 2005

Hiya! I just thought that being the procrastinator that I am, I’m probably a bit late in typing this entry out now, since it is about the thoughts I have for 2005. But then, the best time to write these thoughts should be in the year 2006.

1. I have finally stopped studying. I still cannot begin to describe the immense joy I derived from the simplest things like a) being able to have a holiday like CNY, X’mas with everyone else instead of spending it all alone in the culture lab staring at cells and washing test-tubes. b) having money to have nice food every once in a while and not worry. C) the joy of sleeping in on a Sunday without having a nightmare over my experiments.

2. I finally started a blog in feb?? Oh yah, it’s about the most exciting thing in my life, apart from another more exciting thingy. It started out because of the now-defunct Bubblemuche.blogspot.com, who is my eternal idol. Eternal Idol, that is, until the day I saw a pic of this hansem young man in Pilot Uniform. My whole image of the slipper-toting, singlet-wearing, skinny, bespectacled loser was thrown out of perspective. Of cos after you see something like that, it’s no longer possible to treated Neo Chee Beng as a Loser anymore, but like someone who writes loserishly….ahem…which really means he has nothing much to lose.

3. I sang this hokkien song that made it to Straits Times. I got a call from a fren in China who fairly shouted into my ears at 9am in the morn that I am Famoose! Nonsense, I say, I just sang a song. But the hoo-haa continued until I felt more comfortable removing the link. I don’t really want to do a Bubblemunche. I also partially destroyed Chuikueh’s ear-drums, and some funnyman made something out of the JPB as to truly truly embarrass the heck out of me. Muahaha…wouldn’t you like to know….

4. I got together with my best friend in the biggest sense of the word and soon to be in Holy Matrimony. ‘Nuff said or I shall start bawling again.

5. My nephew was born and I held him in my arms when he’s a month old on New Year’s Day. The feeling is indescribable. He was soft, smells real nice and was so jelly-like that his head kept flopping about. Although his vision is blur and he can’t see me, I still think he’s smiling at me. And when he cries, my heart thumps in fear that I could have hurt him in any way. Oh man, I shall have to think carefully about Motherhood….but a Mother I’ll be, by hook or by crook.

6. Someone says I’m mature……*crack* muahahahhahaha…….*wipes tears*

7. I met some friends that I’m super-duper happy to keep. U know who you are! Swee!

8. I found out about the light on the other side via the colonoscopy experience. Truly horrendous but wow, did it make a great entry!

9. My very favourite entry was one of the less popular ones. Yah, it’s the TS theory.

10. My mum had Dengue fever and I almost lost her. 2 weeks in the ICU and 1 foot thru Death’s door. Sometimes ppl need trauma like this to slap-bang their heads to accept the revelation that it is NOT embarrassing to tell your parents you love them. Fast along the heels of this knowledge is that there is indeed, a higher being and entity, that really exists. There is no need to prove such a thing, it is something that you know and realise.

11. Love is still overrated. Having great companionship, like your favorite pillow, and your most comfortable shoes, shall emerge king after the heart-thumping and roller-coaster mood swings have died down. On the other hand, familiarity often breeds contempt, which is why when I’m in the same roof with my parents, we can get shouting matches, but when I stayed in the hostel, I missed them to bits and went home as much as possible to enjoy their company. When I stay with them, I shut myself in my room. When I’m not, I take long strolls with them in the neighbourhood garden. But of cos, knowing this fact is not an excuse, it should a step towards improvement. It’s working, I think, but I need to try harder.

12. I’ve got my first Hate comment….but I deleted it becos as somebody told me, it’s easier to click ‘delete comment’ than it is to crank your brain to try and reason back. Yupz, what a genius, Z! *kowtow*.

13. I’m never going to finish my senses meme, mostly becos er….I ran out of topics for hear and smell. I have ear-wax buildup and I’m now harbouring a cold. I don’t really think anyone wants to read how well my ear-wax has been doing or how much my nose welcomes the tissue.

14. And it's never easy to say it, but I realised I was a funnier writer last time. I just read some of the older entries, esp Trim-My-Fat-Ass and I was hollering like nuts. OTOH, when I read the latest ones, I barely cracked my lips....hmmm...

15. And the biggest understatement of year 2006: Lots of things have happened in 2005.

Thanks for reading!



Z said...

I think you can combine hear and smell meme into one lah.

After all, ear wax got smell, no?

stars_of_rain said...

Yeah, Bubbles and you were my inspiration to start blogging. But sadly, bubblemunche.blogspot.com is no longer in function. :(

Hope 2006 will be a great year for you! :D

Lynne said...

Hope your 2006 is better than your 2005!!

Winter said...

it was great to come across your blog. through u.. u brought laughter & joy through ur posts

when u going to post drawings again? hehe

Adrenaline said...

actually it was also bubblemunche who got me to start my blog. hehe .... guess we were all influenced by him in a way.

anyway, u do write farnie! but too much censoring lah ... muz censor less. hahaha ... like me :P

Zen|th said...

Yeah. I think I'll just sum up my 2005 by saying "Lots of things happened" too. :)

Ang Ku Kueh said...


arrghh! disgusting man!


me?! MEE??!! muahahaha....wah lau..suddenly my 2006 like very bright and shining siah...hahaha....


same wishes for you, gal, esp from the latest entry...haiz...wish you the bestest best! for 2006!!!


hmmm...how about chuikueh's drawings? he's better than me at it. hahaha....


haiyah...no lah...i blushing liao lah...u so bad one!!!


hehehe....glad u agreed! :)

nadnut said...


and ill bet 2006 will be a better year! ;)

daniellekris said...

haiya no worries man :) You're still as corny as ever. your entries still make me laugh all the time. Anywayz wishing you and all ur patrons here a Happy New Year and a great year ahead!

Li-er said...

Hey... you didn't mention any dates for the big day yet, or did you? So I guess you will be busy preparing this year?

mrdes said...

From a first time vistior: Hi, thanks for the TS theory...i now know what to tell my friends next time they complain about lack of admirers...i am truly enlighted...

Zhe Bin said...

Oh yeah everybody reads bubblemunche hahaha. Actually my first impression was that he's writing loserish only lor. I mean, look at his old profile pic! How can anyone look like that still be around man. Then until he met up with FF and Scarlet Ting proved my intuition correct. Like, phew. Haha!

Hey, 2006 might be the most important year of your life, am I right or not? Got so soon?

Ang Ku Kueh said...


yes, I will make it so!


sweet! Here's wishing you the best ever 2006 too! many blessings and lucks!!!


hehehe...this year and next year. :)


muhahaha...yeah, I used that to survive an overpowering sense of low self-esteem all my life...it fuelled me.


right right. probably so soon, mayhap overlap a bit into the next year also...ain't life good!!! :)

barneysaurus said...

It's probably too early to say this, but I have like the most awesome idea how you start 2007 in a big bang :D!




By Having the first baby in 2007 :D! Muahaha....

Acey Deucey said...

No. 14: Remember I made the comment about a certain post being your best in recent times? :P

Anonymous said...

AKK! you are in the news today! check out the straits times Digital supplement.. :D

Anonymous said...

somehow ur description of how he proposed sounds fictionalised.. like too hard to believe. but if it were a book i'd definitely buy it because i love the way you wrote it =) altho i wonder if u tried to fictionalise it on purpose. hm. but anyways it did send shivers down my spine in the good way.lol.

Zhe Bin said...

Yeah, you're featured in Digital Life. I love your surname man.

Cake said...

you know, when i read that you were getting married..

I felt like i was giving my daughter away.


And i saw your name in the DL too. ;]

Ang Ku Kueh said...


aiyo...wait a bit leh...


haiyah, i know lor, but i understand most of those funny entries were becos something bad happen to me and I do some loser stuff, hahaha....sadly hor, or luckily, I din have much loser episodes in recent months. So as I say before also hor...don't rate my entries for me, wo zhi you fen chun. In any case, this is a diary blog, there will always be some things that are funnier than others and mostly becos of the circumstances. But I admit, last time I write and re-draft and re-draft one, now I just at most draft twice and also never add colours unless necessary. but u'll be the first to know if bad stuff happen to me again! hahah...


oh geez...i know, hehehe...short para, so heng.:)


hey! u have written what can be called as a backhanded insult or compliment. If it's the former, then u are complimenting on the creative production of said fiction. if latter, then u are complimenting that my tale is so tall as to be unbelievable, ya?

in that case, I shall take both as their intended compliments, hehehe.

i know entries here sounds unbelievable, so I let you decide lah. OTOH, u may like to read the past entries which my own close frens accused was pretty unbelievable also, they just wonder why it had to happen to me. http://akkueh.blogspot.com/2005/09/i-said-i-was-virgin-but.html

BTW, those colon pics are really mine....Dr give me as a keepsake. ahem.:) i want to frame it up, but my mother forbade me....


wah lau...lotsa "ang' ppl around leh!


hey! iving me away?! aiyoooo!! relac relac...me here me here! :)

Zhe Bin said...

Hahaha you know it's not Ang lor. Your surname is so auspicious can. LoL.

Acey Deucey said...

Yeah, drafting and redrafting can make a lot of difference to a post.

But hey, you're also right in saying this is a diary. At the end of the day, what matters most is you enjoy your life.

Once again, congrats for your impending marriage. I look forward to hearing the pitter patter of little kuehs.

Heh, that just felt deja vu. Ah, I know! 8-10 years, when mrbrown had just gotten married, I had wished him the same thing. *Grin*

Jaschocolate said...

i can see you now... the future auntie..

no no.. dont hit me... :p